To review information for a specific site, click on the internship name to view the approved internship profile form. Please notify Dr. Holly Moses if information contained on the internship profile form is inaccurate.

Area Health Education Centers (UF AHEC)

Baby Gator Child Development & Research Center

College of Medicine

Food Security and Culinary Nutrition Intervention [UF, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition]


Gator Emergency Medical Response Unit (UF PD)

GatorWell Health Promotion Services

HealthStreet - UF PHHP

UF College of Medicine, Center for Experiential Learning and Simulation

UF Department of Community Dentistry & Behavioral Science

UF Dept of Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics: Dr. Salloum's research team

UF Dept of Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics: Dr. Khalil's research team

UF Cancer Center Office of Community Outreach and Engagement

UF Health Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment (UF CAN)

UF Health Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment - Florida Autism Specialty Clinics

UF Health Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment - Inpatient Behavioral Consult Program

UF Health Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UF CARD)

UF/HEB McVay Weight Management Lab (Dr. McVay)

UF HEB Dr. Ossiboff

UF/HEB RIISC Lab (Dr. Hone)

UF/HEB SAPR Lab (Dr. Scaglione)

UF/HEB Technology Health & Equity (THE) Workgroup (Dr. James)

UF HR Wellness Department

UF/IFAS (Dr. LaToya O'Neil)

UF IFAS Precision Ketogenic Therapy Program

UF Mindfulness

UF RecSports Fitness and Nutrition Department

UF Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium (SHARC)

UF Health Internship Opportunities:

UF Health Shands Hospital Nursing Education Internship Opportunities 

UF Health Shands Hospital- Nursing Education Internship Opportunities (Summer 2024 and Fall 2024)
***Students may NOT contact the UF Health Shands Hospital Nursing Education internship supervisors directly. These sites have a different process for contacting sites. Dr. Moses will provide information about this special process during Week 2 or Week 3 of the semester when enrolled in HSC4800.

UF Health Shands Hospital - Nursing Education Internship Application 

  • SUMMER 2024 application survey link:
  • FALL 2024 application survey link:
    • EARLY APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 9, 2024
      • Supervisors will contact students by February 16 (to schedule interviews)
      • Interviews completed: February 19-23
      • Supervisors will contact students by March 8 (to schedule interviews)
      • Interviews completed: March 11-22 (UF spring break is March 11-15)
  • Inquiries for Shands Hospital - Nursing Education Internships will ONLY be accepted online (via the survey). Do NOT contact the site supervisors directly.
  • Students may select up to FOUR (4) sites of interest from the complete list of Shands Hospital - Nursing Education internship opportunities.
    • Due to the high volume of requests for pediatric and mother‐baby locations, it is recommended that you choose from a variety of specialties.  If you do not select at least one non‐peds unit, you may not be contacted by supervisors. 
    • In the cover letter, students must explain their interest in each of the selected units/departments within Shands Hospital, as well as explain why they are a good candidate for the selected sites (experiences, skills, strengths/talents, etc.). 
  • Students must upload a copy of their cover letter and resume (one PDF file) within the online application.

 UF Health Additional Intern Requirements – Mandatory for all UF Health Interns

All UF Health sites require an extensive list of additional requirements that must be completed by the interns.  The additional requirements are listed below and must be submitted to Canvas (HSC4800) no later than the last day of class (the semester prior to internship).

(1) UF Health Intern Requirements

  • This form details all additional items required by UF Health
  • This form serves as the cover page for the additional requirements package (page 1 of packet)
  • This form must be completed (typed) and included as page 1 of the additional requirements packet (page 1 of the packet).

(2) Healthcare Provider Statement of Medical Capability

  • This form is provided to aid students in completing the general health screening and/or physical examination from their primary care physician
  • Students must complete the form BEFORE visiting their primary care physician, and the form must be typed
  • Note: if the student's clinician prefers to use their own version of this form, that is perfectly fine