Outstanding Young Alumni

Outstanding Young Alumni recipients are selected annually by their College and honored during the UF Alumni Association's Orange & Blue weekend festivities. Criteria for the award include being within 10 years of graduation, making a significant impact on their industry and having professional accomplishments at the State, National and International level. They are Gators who are truly making a difference in our world — for the GATOR GOOD

CLASS of 2022
William "Will" Atkins • Pascale Bélony • Christopher Bucciarelli • Chynna Clayton • Ben Kennedy

CLASS of 2021 — Latonya N. Delaughter

CLASS of 2020 — Janelle T. Garcia • Brittany K. Marshall

CLASS of 2019 — Jessica L. King • Natalie S. King

CLASS of 2018
Gabrielle Darville • Joleen Cacciatore Miller • Virginia Chase Ralls • Addison Staples

CLASS of 2017 — John Egberts

CLASS of 2016 — James Di Virgilio • Jennifer Lea

CLASS of 2015 — Christina Ramos

CLASS of 2014 — Michael Carroll

CLASS of 2013 — Amy Horning

CLASS of 2012 — Gregory T. Coleman Terry D. Hashey

CLASS of 2011 — Damon P. Andrew Chris J. Hass Steven M.Mesler

CLASS of 2010 — Fitz Koehler • Michael Schmoyer

CLASS of 2009 — Philip W. Laird Susan T. Vadaparampil

CLASS of 2008 — Danielle Symons Downs Sean D. Gagnon

CLASS of 2007 — Charles H. Hillman Michele M. Johnson-Moore

CLASS of 2006 — Scott Balog Andy Miller