Assessment Committee
The HHP Assessment Committee consists of faculty representatives from each of the three departmental units and the college.  The committee aids in development of academic program goals, continual advancement of student learning outcomes, and institutional effectiveness reporting.

Awards Committee
The Awards Committee serves to 1) solicit nominations for designated awards offered by the College and University to its faculty and alumni; 2) review and select recipients for College awards; and, 3) make recommendations to the Dean for University awards. This Committee also serves to advise the Dean on issues pertaining to faculty and alumni awards.

College Council
The College Council serves as a forum for the mutual exchange of ideas between college administrators and faculty and staff. The College Council shall be the policy-making entity in the college. In addition, the dean and administrative committee shall regularly consult the College Council on matters of concern to the college. The College Council shall approve all operating codes contingent to and required by this constitution.

College Petitions Committee
The Petitions Committee shall act on all student petitions requesting a waiver of college rules and regulations, and those university rules and regulations delegated to the college. This Committee shall also act for the Faculty of the College in certifying students for graduation.

Curriculum Committee
The Curriculum Committee shall be responsible for approving all changes in curriculum and for evaluating existing programs. The committee shall make periodic reports to the College Council.

Faculty Advisory Council
The Faculty Advisory Council serves to provide advisement to the dean and the Administrative Council on matters pertaining to the faculty. A representative from this council serves on the College Council.

Graduate Faculty
The College Graduate Faculty shall provide leadership for the college on all matters pertaining to the graduate program and graduate students. A representative of the College Graduate Faculty will serve on the College Council.

Research Committee
The Research Committee serves to enhance and promote the research enterprises in the College of Health and Human Performance. This committee provides advice on issues pertaining to research enterprises of the college. A representative from this committee serves on the College Council.

Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee screens applicants for Graduate Followships (as appropriate). Dissertation Awards, and Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships. The Committee plans the Scholarship Convocation in conjunction with the College’s Director for Communication and the Office of Student Affairs. Additionally, the committee recommends any procedural changes for the selection process.

Stanley Lecture & Research Symposia Committee
The Stanley Lecture and Research Symposia Committee is responsible for planning and organizing the annual Stanley Lecture. Additionally the committee working with the Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs will take the lead in organizing at least one-college wide poster research symposia for presentation of graduate and undergraduate student research.

Teacher/Advisor Of The Year Committee
The Teacher/Advisor Of The Year Committee serves to (1) solicit nominations for designated awards offered by the College and University to its faculty and advisors; (2) review and assess candidates’ portfolios for College awards; and, (3) make recommendations to the Dean for College and University awards.

Tenure and Promotion Committee
Promotion and tenure in the college are governed by Article V, Sections 4 and 5, of the University Constitution, the University of Florida rules found in the Florida Administrative Code, and the United Faculty of Florida Collective Bargaining Agreement. The dean consults with the Promotion and Tenure Committee in regard to recommendations for promotion and for tenure.