HHP Is More Than A Degree. It’s A Chance To Make An Impact.

The College of Health & Human Performance gives you an education unlike anywhere else. We know that the key to understanding and improving the human condition is research and comprehension. At HHP you have the opportunity to study, explore and actually make a difference in people’s lives. We empower students with the tools, knowledge and confidence to fulfill their dreams and become remarkable assets to their communities.

We’re Devoted To The Human Condition.

We’re Devoted To The Human Condition.

The College of Health & Human Performance offers a curriculum that touches nearly every aspect of daily life. Our faculty and researchers use state-of-the-art facilities to collect data that help us understand people. We use this understanding to win the battle against addiction, improve the quality of life for those suffering from debilitating neurological, cardiovascular and muscular diseases and help span cultural divides through tourism and sport.



our mission is to collaborate as an academic community to enrich lives, influence healthy living, and enhance human performance.

Our vision is to be a College that...

  • Provides a unique and applied student-centered experience that consistently produces graduates who impact their field.
  • Establishes itself as a college of expertise, excellence, and faculty distinction.
  • Creates a team-driven culture that builds on individual excellence to foster collaboration
  • Makes a unique impact on local to global communities through teaching, research, and service that promotes healthy living and quality of life.
  • Drives change through innovative teaching, research, and service.

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Center for Behavioral Economic Health Research

CBEHR provides an intellectual home for scholars, practitioners, community partners, and policy-makers from multiple disciplines to promote behavioral economic research that has a positive impact on individual & community health.


Center for Exercise Science

The primary goal of scientists in the CES is to improve human health by advancing knowledge through research.


Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute

As one of the leading tourism research institutes in the world, EFTI is involved in both applied and theoretic research, hosts workshops and training which support decision making in key areas of tourism management.


Institute for Coaching Excellence

The Institute for Coaching Excellence is committed to the education and development of athlete facing professionals who are responsible for training elite athletes and teams. We believe that educating coaches is a critical component of promoting athlete development and the sustainability of the coaching profession.