Transient/Transfer credit

Transient Students

Transient students are students who are currently enrolled at UF and wish to take courses for a term at another institution to transfer back to UF. Students may wish to take courses at other 4 year public institutions in Florida (State University System or SUS), Florida College System (FCS), private Florida institutions or out-of-state institutions. Students who wish to take courses transient can follow the following processes:

  • Florida Public 4-year or 2-year institution – Students who wish to attend another State University System or Florida College System institution should apply online at Florida Shines. Applications are referred to the student’s UF/major academic advisor for review and routing to the UF Office of the University Registrar.
  • Florida Private or Out-of-State institution – Students who wish to attend a private Florida college or an out-of-state institution should complete the Transient Student Form. This form must be reviewed by the student’s major academic advisor and college, then referred to the registrar’s office for processing.

NOTE: Students who need to meet UF’s summer requirement of 9 credit hours of summer enrollment should note that coursework must be completed at a State University System institution and should consult the UF catalog or speak with your academic advisor for guidelines.

For more information about the transient student process, please visit the UF Office of the University Registrar website.

Transfer/Correspondence-Course Credit

Transfer and/or correspondence-course credit may be allowed even if taken after the student has been admitted to the major. These courses must be approved in advance by the academic advisor. Students are discouraged from taking such courses after 60 hours. As per UF policy, no more than six credit hours of correspondence credit and/or a maximum of 60 hours of community college academic credit can apply toward a UF degree.

In general, these courses are recorded on the transcript and can be used to meet core curriculum requirements if approved by the department in advance. Correspondence and extension course credit is excluded from honors GPA calculation for the College of Health & Human Performance and will not be used to determine Dean’s List GPA.