During drop/add, courses can be dropped without penalty. After drop/add, students may drop courses or withdraw from all courses by completing the Student Initiated Drop Add (SIDA) request in ONE.UF.edu (Student Self Service). Students can use this system to request an adjustment to existing schedules after the published drop/add period. You may monitor the status of your request by clicking “status” just below the request to drop or add link.

Your advisor may request further information so it is critical that you monitor the status of your request until a final decision is posted.

Adding a course(s):

You will submit a SIDA request to add a course(s) to your schedule. You can check the status of your request in ONE.UF.edu (Student Self Service, under ‘status’). If the action is approved, check your schedule to make sure the course(s) appear. NOTE: you must receive approval FIRST by the course instructor. Please copy your academic advisor on all email correspondence with the course instructor.

Dropping a course(s)

Only use this system if you want to drop one or more of your courses. You will submit a SIDA request to drop a course(s) from your schedule. You can check the status of your request on ONE.UF.edu (Student Self Service, under ‘status’). It may prove helpful for you to meet with your academic advisor prior to submitting the drop request(s) to ensure that this action is appropriate per your student/major status.

NOTE: You cannot use this system if you want to withdraw from all courses. See below for withdrawal procedure.

Withdrawal from ALL courses

A withdrawal is used when a student wishes to withdraw from ALL courses for the CURRENT term only. We understand that unexpected events may cause you to decide to withdraw from the University, but withdrawing has many important consequences, both academic and financial. To be sure you are making an informed decision, we urge you to read the information here BEFORE you decide to withdraw.

Knowing whether a situation requires a drop vs. a withdrawal can sometimes be confusing. In summer, terms A, B and C are treated as separate terms. For example, a withdrawal would be required if you wish to drop your only course during summer term A but are enrolled in other courses for summer term C. Please check with an advisor if you are unsure which process to follow.

General Information about Dropping Courses

After drop/add, you can request to drop or add a course up to the final deadline. A grade of "W" will appear on the transcript for each approved drop, and you are liable for all course tuition and fees.

All drops after drop/add are subject to the following restrictions:

  • Students get two drops in their first 60 credits attempted at UF (credits carried plus S/U credits and repeats of satisfactory grades.
    • Note: full-term withdrawals from all courses and dropped courses do not count in credits carried.
  • Students get two additional drops in the second 60 credits.
  • Unused drops do not carry over from the freshman/sophomore years to the junior/senior years.
  • Students with disabilities who need to drop a course due to disability-related reasons are allowed to petition for additional drops. More information is available from the Disability Resource Center.
  • Students transferring to UF with an A.A. degree from a Florida public community college or with 60 or more transfer credits earned from another college or university get only two drops.
  • Students who can document extenuating circumstances may petition their college for additional drops. (Consult your advisor for HHP Petition deadlines)
  • Approval to drop or add a course must be obtained from your college.
  • UF’s tuition refund policy is published in the UF Undergraduate Catalog.

The university strongly encourages you to contact the offices of Student Financial Affairs and University Bursar to discuss the impact of dropping a course on your financial obligations.

Bright Futures and Dropped Courses: If you drop a course or courses after the drop/add period, you must repay the amount you were funded for the dropped class or classes. The student must repay UF, which will in turn remit the funds to the Florida Department of Education.