Combination BS/MS Degree Program

This program allows qualified students to earn a Bachelor’s degree from any degree program at UF and a Master’s of Science degree from the Department of Health Education and Behavior with 12 credit hours of graduate coursework counting toward both degrees. This allows the Master’s degree to be attained within one year (two semesters, 18 credits). The M.S. degree in Health Education & Behavior is designed for students seeking an advanced practitioner’s degree. Additionally, this degree prepares health education specialists to work in local, state, and federal health agencies, voluntary health organizations, patient care settings, and private industry.

Combination Degree Program Presentation

Interested students should meet with the HEB academic adviser before the start of their junior year to determine eligibility. Click Here to see walk-in availability or to schedule an appointment.

Undergraduate Admission Criteria

  • Submit BS/MS application before the start of the junior year (complete with the academic advisor), or no later than during the first semester of junior year
  • Maintain 3.2 UF GPA
  • Complete 4 graduate-level HEB department approved BS/MS courses (with grades of B or better) during junior and senior years of undergraduate program (students choose from pre-approved list –see below)
  • Contact Ms. Jenny Neelands for more information about the BS/MS program

Graduate Admission Criteria

  • Apply to the HEB Master of Science program during the final semester of the senior (undergraduate) year
  • Submit all application materials to the graduate program advisor during the final semester of the senior year
  • Follow the Master's application requirements
  • Contact Ms. Jenny Neelands for more information about the MS program

HEB Combination Degree Program Course List

(BS/MS students choose 4 courses from the below list to register for and complete during the junior and senior years of undergraduate program)

  • HSC  4133/5138         Human Sexuality Education
  • HSC  4134/5135         Emotional Health & Counseling
  • HSC  4143/5142         Drug Education
  • HSC  4174/5925         Determinants of Obesity
  • HSC  42232c/5618      Exercise Therapy, Physical Activity & Health
  • HSC  4233/6235         Patient Health Education
  • HSC  4574/5576         Nutrition Education for Special Populations
  • HSC  4579/6575         Women’s Health Issues
  • HSC  4593/6595         HIV/AIDS Education
  • HSC  4623/6629         Minority Health Issues
  • HSC  4663/6646         Methods of Injury Prevention & Control
  • HSC  4664/6665         Health Communication for Consumers
  • HSC  4694/6695         Work-site Health Promotion
  • HSC  4950/6935         Special Topics in Health Education

HEB BS/MS Program Important Facts

  • Students are not penalized for withdrawing from the program.
  • Students must apply to the MS program (admission to the MS program after graduation is not automatic).
  • Graduate-level tuition is more expensive than undergraduate rates (visit the Bursar’s Office for more information).
  • Graduation from your undergraduate program is separate from the MS program.
  • The BS/MS program expedites the MS degree program and may save students the cost of four undergraduate courses.