Our laboratory investigates important clinical issues related to injury prevention and care for the physically active. Our research objectives have been directed at investigating some of the theoretical constructs that have pervaded our profession in an effort to create a scientific foundation for clinical application. Through our research we strive to gain a better understanding of the neurological and mechanical behavior of the musculoskeletal system as it pertains to physical stress, mechanical injury, therapeutic intervention and clinical outcome. Our laboratory investigations have also been aimed at identifying novel treatments to improve structural and functional recovery following musculoskeletal injury.

PI: Paul Borsa, Ph.D.

Research Highlights:
  • Developed an experimental injury model to study the effects of therapeutic interventions for symptomatic and functional recovery
  • Conducting studies to determine the biopsychosocial influences of shoulder pain and functional impairment
  • Conducting studies on the effects of near-infrared light on muscle function
  • Published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Pain, Medicine and Science in Sport & Exercise, and Journal of Athletic Training in the past few years
  • Lab has been funded by the NIH as well as through contracts with private companies