Center for Behavioral Economic Health Research Seminars

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Spring 2024

Tuesdays,  4-5pm 

January 16th: Engaging Parents in Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

Rob Turrisi, Ph.D., Professor, Biobehavioral Health and Prevention Research Center, The Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Turrisi has been engaged in research on prevention science topics for more than 35 years. His initial work investigated methods for reducing drunk driving — a subject on which he is passionate and continues to engage with graduate fellows and his research team. His research also includes externally funded studies on brief parent interventions, substance abuse prevention, and skin cancer prevention.

*Co-sponsored by the Department of Health Education and Behavior, Southern HIV and Alcohol Research Consortium, and CBEHR

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February 13th: 5th Annual CBEHR Science Exchange via Zoom

Student and Early Career Investigator Presentations

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April 9th: Gambling as a Target for Health Behavior Change via Zoom

Jeremiah Weinstock, Ph.D., Professor & Department Chair, Department of Psychology, Saint Louis University

Dr. Weinstock’s clinical and research efforts center on addressing the difficulties in helping individuals with addictive disorders make lasting and meaningful changes in their lives, with emphasis on the characterization and treatment of gambling disorders. Much of his research is translational and focuses on measures to assess gambling disorder and randomized clinical trials examining the efficacy of psychosocial interventions, such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and contingency management. He also maintains a small clinical practice focused on gambling disorder.

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