What is the internship requirement?

The internship is the capstone course of the Bachelor of Science in Sport Management. The internship provides the student with the opportunity to pursue professional experience in his/her option area. It is a 12 credit hour experiential learning opportunity completed over the course of 12 weeks during the Fall, Spring or Summer semester. During the internship, the student is provided the opportunity to apply knowledge to practice. The internship is based on the philosophy that course work and theory, when supplemented with a variety of observations and hands-on work experiences, will provide the student with the opportunity to enhance his/her professional development as well as increase the student’s understanding and appreciation of the profession.

Internship Course Information

  • Course Number and Title: SPM 4941C Internship in Sport Management
  • Credit Hours: 12 credit hours
  • Time Commitment:  40 hours/week for 12 Weeks (480 hours total)
  • Semesters Offered:  Fall, Spring and Summer C
  • Grade: S/U
  • Prerequisites: Students must receive academic clearance with an advisor to ensure all required university and department coursework for the university and the department have been completed or will be complete prior to beginning the internship. In addition to the completion of required coursework, students must have maintained a 2.0 or better cumulative grade point average in overall and upper division course work.

Student Intern Resources

The Internship office in 330 FLG has information available on hundreds of potential internship sites, but students are also encouraged to seek out additional sites that meet their career objectives. The internship database linked below offers suggestions of organizations where past students have completed their internship.

If you have any questions about your internship site, semester or submission items, please email the internship coordinator. 



Internship Semester Spring 2024 Summer 2024 Fall 2024
Proposal Deadline 10/27/2023 3/29/2024 6/28/2024

Potential Internship Host Organizations:

If your organization is interested in hosting a UF intern or practicum student or sharing an internship posting with our department, please email our internship coordinator, Dr. Jessica Francis, at jessica.francis@ufl.edu. We encourage sites to share a position description, application information and/or link and contact person for us to share with our students.

SPM internships may be paid or unpaid, but the student must work 40 hours per week for 12 weeks beginning the first day of the UF semester (UF Academic Calendar). The internship is intended to immerse the UF student in the organization’s culture and expose the student to professional interactions common within the industry.  Students welcome the opportunity to shadow CEO’s and other leaders, take on specific projects, organize volunteers, work with social media, participate in campaigns, but most importantly to CONTRIBUTE to the agency.   We know that our student will receive a well-rounded experience but ask that all agency leaders prepare a 12-week plan specifying the anticipated interactions scheduled for our senior interns.  We welcome flexible plans but do ask that site supervisor specify each week of the internship.

As a prerequisite to the internship, students must work a minimum of 80 hours as a component of a pre-internship course at an approved agency within the industry. Additionally, practicum experiences (consisting of 48 hours per credit hour earned) allow the UF student to participate in supervised experiential learning opportunities. If you are interested in hosting a student completing the 60-hour experience or a part-time practicum experience, please reach out to Dr. Francis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm thinking about doing an internship, what steps should I take?

Begin by reviewing our Internship Manual (accessible through this link). This document addresses numerous queries you may have. Subsequently, conduct thorough research on organizations, individuals, companies, and industries that align with your internship interests. Initiate direct communication with individuals to inquire about internship opportunities and application timelines. It's crucial to ensure that the deadlines for submitting internship applications align with the department's schedule. Finally, proceed with the application, interview process, and secure the internship position.

How do I initiate contact with potential internship supervisors?

Numerous resources are at your disposal, with LinkedIn being a particularly valuable tool. Utilize the site to narrow down your search based on specific industries, teams, and organizations. Additionally, you can filter results to connect with alumni from your university, many of whom are willing to offer assistance. While reaching out to strangers may be intimidating, having a clear message is essential. Consider using this resource for guidance. Introduce yourself briefly, articulate your career goals, and inquire about the possibility of an informational interview. LinkedIn serves as an excellent starting point for your internship quest. Another useful resource within the UF community is GatorToGator. Networking plays a crucial role, emphasizing the importance of consistently building relationships. After engaging with various individuals, seek recommendations for further connections.

What type of internships qualify?

The realm of sports encompasses a wide-ranging industry, offering numerous internship opportunities. The key factors for consideration include (1) the potential for valuable work experience, (2) the presence of a supportive supervisor, and (3) relevance to sports in some capacity. Meeting these three essential criteria increases the likelihood of internship approval.

When should I start seeking an internship?

Securing an internship is often a challenging undertaking. Initiating the process as early as possible is crucial, allowing ample time for research, inquiries, interviews, and commencement of the job in your final semester. It is advisable to commence the search for internships during your junior or third year but if you are entering your final year, you can begin now. The point is to put in ample time to apply.

What if my internship doesn't start at the start of my final semester when I'm completing it? Or finish when the semester ends?

We can accommodate flexibility regarding the commencement and conclusion dates of your internship, provided it falls within a two-week window. This allows for the internship to commence up to two weeks before the start of the semester or after the start of the semester. As well as concluding up to two weeks after the end of the semester or two weeks before the end of the semester. You just need to obtain the total 480 hours throughout the semester/internship.

Can I split my required internship hours between two or more places?

Regardless of the motivation for seeking a split in your working hours, it is essential that your internship occurs at a single location. Unless your supervisor departs or is no longer able to fulfill the role, maintaining the same supervisor throughout the semester is required, limiting your internship activities to a singular location.

Does my internship have to be in-person, or can it be hybrid/or remote?

Your internship can be hybrid, completely remote, or in-person. You’ll indicate that in the internship packet proposal.

What should I do if I've taken all possible steps to secure an internship but still face difficulty in obtaining one?

You will need to speak to your academic advisor as soon as possible to discuss your options. The two main alternatives include pursuing the non-internship option (NIO or considering a graduation delay by a semester to allow for the possibility of securing an internship in the subsequent term.

Please direct all internship forms and any additional questions to both:

Dr. Jessica Francis (jessica.francis@ufl.edu) & the General Internship Correspondence account (spm-internship@hhp.ufl.edu).

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