Undergraduate Internship Overview

Internship Policies and Procedures Manual

In order to register for APK4940c you must complete the internship clearance form sent to you by the APK Undergraduate Advisor, Ms. Kari Maples, by the date indicated in the email you receive from her approximately two (2) semesters before your intended internship semester.  Upon being cleared to complete your internship during your intended semester you will be added to a “Pre-Internship” e-Learning/Canvas website where you will have access to specific information related to the submission of required documentation needed to complete an application to your intended internship site.

Course Number and Title:  APK 4940c  Undergraduate Internship in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology.
Credit Hours:  12 Credit Hours.
Semesters Offered:  Fall, Spring, and Summer C
Time: Approximately 40 hours per week for Fall or Spring semesters, minimum of 40 hours per week during Summer C

Course Objectives

  • To gain practical experience in the student’s field of study by completing a minimum of 520 hours completed within the chosen academic semester at an approved internship site.
  • To utilize the internship as a gateway to gainful employment in the student’s field of study or to support application for admission to post-graduate programs.

Approved Internship Sites - under construction - thanks for your patience

Students should review the list of approved internship sites when choosing the best site for them

New Site Approval Process

Students are allowed to select a site that is not currently approved. In this scenario, the student should provide the following Site Approval directly to the potential site supervisor. If the site is approved by the internship coordinator upon receiving this form, then the student may proceed with submitting the required materials by the application deadline.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Please contact both your department’s academic advisor and your international advisor in the UFIC prior to engaging in any training or employment activity. Please note that training activities include but are not limited to fieldwork, volunteering, and internships.

  • If you hold an F-1 visa, you may be required to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) in order to engage in any training activity or employment. Please click on CPT to read the detailed information. Email your F-1 International Student Advisor to determine your eligibility to engage in the training activity or employment. Include your UFID number and information pertaining to the training/employment, such as the offer letter, in your email. Failure to obtain authorization to engage in a training/employment prior to starting the activity may result in a violation of your F-1 visa status. F-2 visa holders may not engage in any training activity or employment.
  • If you hold a J-1 or J-2 visa, please contact your J Advisor regarding obtaining authorization to engage in any training activity or employment.
  • If you hold any other visa status, please contact an immigration attorney to determine eligibility to engage in any training activity or employment.

Application Deadlines

  1. The internship applications should be submitted by the last Friday of classes in the semester immediately preceding the internship semester.
  2. Students will submit their Application for Internship Placement, Cover Letter, and Resume directly to their prospective site supervisor via an online Qualtrics survey form. The link for this form can be found in the “Pre-Internship” Canvas website. These three documents should also be uploaded directly to Canvas.
  3. The site supervisor will complete an “Internship Decision” survey to indicate whether a student has been formally accepted or denied as an intern. If accepted, the site supervisor will indicate any additional documents required by the student before they can begin their internship. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all requested additional requirements and submit them directly to their site supervisor by the final day of the semester prior to their internship semester.

Expectations of Applied Career Interns

  • Read the Undergraduate Internship Policies and Procedures Manual and submit all required documents by the stated deadlines.
  • Regard your relationship with your site supervisor in the same manner as your relationship with university faculty.  You should expect your site supervisor to guide, correct, and advise you on a regular basis.
  • Review with the site supervisor all assignments and materials as requested.
  • Demonstrate personal characteristics appropriate for a professional regarding voice, speech, reliability, manner, confidence, enthusiasm, and rapport with others.  Expect to be addressed as Mr., Miss, Mrs., or Ms.
  • Dress appropriately.  Avoid extremes in make-up, beard length, and jewelry. Do not smoke on assignment.
  • Function as a full staff member.  Assume the responsibilities and obligations of the other professional employees.  (Some limitations of responsibilities will be necessary because of your limited experience and technical authority.)  Follow the same calendar and daily schedule required of staff.  Attend staff meetings.  Sign in and out if required.  Be punctual.  Inform the site supervisor and university adviser if you have to be absent.  Follow agency procedures for illness or other absences.
  • Attempt to motivate and communicate with clients.
  • Discuss your performance of assigned duties with the site supervisor on a regular basis.  Evaluate yourself on the strong and weak parts of your performance.  Take the initiative to ask the site supervisor for feedback concerning your performance.
  • Offer to assist in all agency activities.  Observation of activity should increase your experience.
  • Should clients request additional attention, clear such requests with the site supervisor.
  • Maintain a folder for all intern materials.
  • Contact your university adviser to see if he/she would like to schedule a final conference with you.

Expectations of Site Supervisors of Applied Career Intern

  • Familiarize yourself with the materials due to the university adviser by the end of the second week.
  • Determine the student’s full responsibilities.  These responsibilities should be reviewed by the site supervisor and director prior to the beginning of the internship.
  • Inform the intern of all responsibilities during the initial conference.  Share with the intern the on-going program plan.  Provide a planned instructional program that reflects sound learning experiences for the intern.
  • Provide the intern with a comprehensive overview of the site’s organization and operation.  Explain all policies and procedures, including reasons for filling out reports, records, safety, and liability issues, etc.
  • Familiarize the intern with all parts of the facility.
  • Conduct frequent evaluative sessions with the intern based on regular observation.  The intern should gradually assume work assignments.
  • Provide an opportunity to discuss progress of the intern with the university supervisor.
  • Arrange time for the intern to talk with the university adviser.
  • Call upon the university adviser at any time when help is needed or a problem arises that requires a solution.
  • Inform the university adviser of a student’s lack of attendance, punctuality, or any problem(s) that occur.
  • Encourage the intern to participate in any existing in-service or extension programs.
  • Discuss and review with the intern the online Mid-term Evaluation.  Offer suggestions for improvement during the remainder of the term.
  • Complete the online Final Evaluation and review it with your intern by the last day of classes for the internship semester.