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New school year brings two new departments, new department chairs

News & Updates from HHP

With the new school year on the horizon, the College of Health & Human Performance (HHP) has several important updates and exciting news to share. Chief among the news is the formation of two new departments – the Department of Sport Management and the Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management.

With this new formation, HHP will officially dissolve the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management. The creation of two individual departments will allow faculty to focus on specific research and teaching within each of their disciplines.

With this announcement, Michael Sagas, Ed.D., professor in sport management, will serve as interim chair of the Department of Sport Management. Stephen Dodd, Ph.D., professor in applied physiology and kinesiology, will serve as interim chair of the Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management.

HHP also has exciting leadership changes in store for the Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology and Department of Health Education and Behavior. This summer, Thomas Clanton, Ph.D., the BK and Betty Stevens Professor, will conclude his four-year term as chair and David Vaillancourt, Ph.D., professor, will become the new department chair.

In addition, Jalie Tucker, Ph.D., professor in health education and behavior, will conclude her five-year term as chair with the recruitment of Mildred Maldonado-Molina, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Health Outcomes at the University of Florida College of Medicine, as the new chair of the Department of Health Education and Behavior.

"We're grateful to Dr. Tucker and Dr. Clanton for their leadership over the years, said Michael Reid, Ph.D., dean. “Both have contributed to building standout departments that have added to the overall rise and reputation of our college and their disciplines.

“It’s an exciting time to be in HHP, as each of our departments will be under new leadership. Our new chairs have the opportunity to bring new energy, vital leadership and a renewed sense of community to each department.”

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