The sport industry needs highly trained professionals to meet the ever-changing economic and lifestyle growth patterns in tomorrow’s marketplace. With the proliferation of both recreational and spectator sports, the Sport Management discipline is growing increasingly complex. As a result, successful organizations in the sports industry are constantly searching for leaders with specialized training. The Sport Management program prepares students for management and leadership positions with professional sports teams, intercollegiate and intramural athletics, and recreation programs at colleges, universities and amateur athletic organizations.

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Program Goals:

  • Teach aspiring sports executives the skills that professional teams and clubs, collegiate properties and other sports businesses seek
  • Apply business management concepts to the major issues currently facing sport managers
  • Prepare students to develop, manage, and lead initiatives and to develop and set policies in athletic administration, sport promotion and marketing, arena and stadium management and service management
  • Help students to apply their knowledge during internships, industry-related site visits and student-run events
  • Provide faculty who are top scholars in the field to teach core classes in administration, marketing, legal issues, research and finance.

Curriculum and Advising

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Sport Management, you must successfully complete 120 hours of prescribed coursework. Professional core courses, related option courses and specialization electives are taken during your last two years of work. A posting of the full list of sport management courses and brief description are listed in the undergraduate catalog for the University of Florida. For information about the required coursework please schedule an appointment with one of our Academic Advisors:

  • Paul Higgerson (UF Online/PaCE) | e-mail
  • Laine Hatcher (Residential) | e-mail

Office Hours

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Internship and Practicum Resources

Required Internship

One of the things that makes Sport Management unique when compared to other majors is that all SPM students are required to complete a full semester of internship. This internship requirement must be completed prior to graduation and should be completed during the semester of expected graduation after all other coursework has been successfully completed. Credit hours for the internship requirement are included in the credit hour total required for graduation.

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Optional Practicum Opportunities

The optional practicum is designed to provide practical experience for students in the Department of Sport Management. Students can earn elective course credit by maintaining a part-time workload in a setting appropriate to their specialization such as athletic programs, sports commissions and sports agencies where significant learning possibilities exist. For more information about the practicum option, Click here.

Please direct all internship questions to:

Career Outlook

Engagement and Industry Outreach: Obtaining employment in the sport industry requires an intentional effort. The University of Florida Department of Sport Management provides opportunities both on and off campus in order to network and build meaningful relationships with alumni and industry professionals while seeking your degree. 

Engaged learning and outreach opportunities are shared through Canvas (e-learning platform) and social media. Every UF SPM student is provided access to a course called SPM Engaged Learning and Outreach upon entry into the program. This platform will provide you with industry news, job posting sites, insights from industry professionals, tools to craft your narrative, and a listing of previous students’ internship locations. 

For more information about engaged learning and outreach opportunities, contact Jessica Francis, Director of Engaged Learning & Outreach at jessica.francis@ufl.edu, or Shelley Lyle (Director of Engaged Learning & Outreach for Graduate Programs) at shell88@ufl.edu.

Students who pursue careers in Sport Management have a variety of options. Among the most popular career opportunities are:

  • Athletic/sport equipment companies; 
  • Professional, intercollegiate and amateur sport organizations; 
  • Sports facilities; 
  • Sports governing organizations; and, 
  • Sports marketing organizations.

For more information about career opportunities in Sport Management, please schedule an appointment with your Academic Advisor or visit the UF Career Connections Center.

Combination Degree Program

The B.S./M.S. combination degree program allows qualified students to earn both a Bachelor's and Master's degree from the Department of Sport Management with 12 credit hours of graduate coursework counting towards both degrees. This program allows students to complete both degrees within a five-year time period instead of the usual six years. Learn more HERE.

Interested students should meet with an academic advisor early in their undergraduate career to determine eligibility. 

Opportunities for Involvement and Leadership

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Study Abroad

Go further with HHP's study abroad program. Our immersive study abroad programs provide opportunities in tourism, recreation, sport management, natural resources and health. Work with local cultural institutions and health organizations as you explore the world around you. Upcoming Study Abroad locations are listed below:

Financial Aid

 A variety of types of assistance are available including federal loans, work-study positions, scholarships, full-time and temporary employment and private sources. The Office for Student Financial Affairs at the University of Florida provides information about how to apply for financial aid at UF, deadlines and financial aid programs.

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Finish your BS and MS in 5 years with a Combination Degree in Sport Management

Combination degrees offer you the chance to earn an undergraduate and a graduate degree at an accelerated pace. If you meet combination degree application requirements, you can enroll in up to 12 credits of graduate courses during your junior and senior years. These credits will satisfy undergraduate degree requirements and, if you are admitted to the UF Graduate School, they will also satisfy part of your graduate degree requirements.

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