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Spreading Holiday Cheer: Giving Back Through UF College of Health & Human Performance

Spreading Holiday Cheer: Giving Back Through UF College of Health & Human Performance

December 1, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to spread love and joy. One impactful way to do so is by giving back to the community and the University of Florida College of Health & Human Performance (HHP) offers three meaningful avenues to make a difference this December.

1. Purchase an HHP T-shirt

Embrace your college spirit and HHP pride by treating yourself or your favorite HHP alum to one of four stylish t-shirts available in the new microstore. This not only lets you display your love for the university but also directly contributes to enhancing the College of Health & Human Performance. Each purchase supports the college's highest priorities, including the well-being of students, dedicated faculty and groundbreaking research initiatives.

2. Engrave a Brick

Create a lasting memory by surprising your favorite HHP Gator with a personalized brick. Whether it's honoring their name and graduation year, celebrating a love connection or commemorating another cherished memory, these engraved bricks will find a permanent home in the courtyard just steps from the main entrance to the Florida Gym. This thoughtful gesture not only leaves a tangible mark but also contributes to the vibrant legacy of the college.

3. Consider a Year-End Gift

As the year comes to a close, consider making a year-end gift to the UF College of Health & Human Performance. There are various ways to contribute, ranging from creating a student scholarship to endowing a professorship or supporting groundbreaking research. These gifts not only make a positive impact on the lives of current and future students but also play a crucial role in advancing the college's mission.

The proceeds from these initiatives directly benefit the college's highest priorities: students, faculty and groundbreaking research. Generous donors play a vital role in providing the necessary funding and financial support that make the HHP experience truly unique. Whether you're an alum looking to give back or someone passionate about supporting education and research, these opportunities offer a chance to celebrate your own legacy or that of a loved one.

This holiday season, consider making a meaningful contribution. Your generosity will not only bring joy to those directly impacted but will also contribute to the continued success and excellence of the college.

Spread the love, share the spirit and make a lasting difference this December.

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