College of Health and Human Performance

Celebrating 25 Years of Service and Counting

Celebrating 25 Years of Service and Counting

(left-to-right) DeEtta Rhodes, Curtis Weldon, Susan Weldon, Shari Mack, Janice Douglas, Lori Myers

On Monday, March 4, President Fuchs and Vice President Jodi Gentry celebrated staff legacies at the University of Florida with 25 years or more of service. The College of Health & Human Performance has eight staff members with 25 years and counting:

  • Janice Douglas (25 years)
  • DeEtta Rhodes (28 years)
  • Curtis Weldon (32 years)
  • Susan Weldon (32 years)
  • Lori Myers (33 years)
  • Scott Templeton (33 years)
  • Shari Mack (35 years)
  • anonymous (28 years)

“These individuals bring a ton of institutional knowledge and are the culture that makes HHP what it is today – a community that’s family,” said Michael Reid, dean. “We are grateful to these individuals and all of our staff supporting this growing community of students and scholars.”

In addition to these staff milestones, two members of the faculty, James Cauraugh, Ph.D., and Doug DeMichele, EdD, have more than 25 years of service, 29 years and 33 years respectively.

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