The 15-credit Event Management Minor provides students an opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in the field of event management. Students can apply the knowledge and skills gained to a variety of settings including, but not limited to, corporate, non-profits, associations, exhibitions, sport, government, and entertainment. The additional knowledge, skills, and experience gained from this minor can potentially elevate a student's marketability to future employers.

Required Courses:

  • HFT 2750 Event Management (3 credits)
  • HFT 3512 Event Promotion (3 credits; pre-requisite HFT 2750)
  • HFT 4517 Convention Sales & Services (3 credits; pre-requisite HFT 2750)
  • HFT 4754 Advanced Event Management (3 credits; pre-requisite HFT 2750)

Additional Course (choose one):

  • HFT 3253 Lodging Operations & Management (3 credits; pre-requisite ACG 2021)
  • HFT 4468 Hospitality Revenue Management (3 credits; pre-requisite ACG 2021)
  • LEI 3301 Principles of Travel and Tourism (3 credits)
  • LEI 3360 Hospitality Management (3 credits)
  • LEI 3843 Entrepreneurship in Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management (3 credits)
  • LEI 4540 Management and Supervision of Facilities and Personnel (3 credits) 

Additional Information

Total Credits Required: 15, 2.0 cumulative GPA, no S-U grades

Applicants must receive approval from their college before obtaining approval from the Department of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management.

All credits must be completed at UF.

This minor is not open to Tourism, Event and Recreation Management or Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management students.

The Event Management minor is also available online. Click HERE to learn more.

>> Contact a THEM advisor for more information.