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Avery, Brian
Lecturer and Director of Engaged Learning and Outreach

Banks-Payne, Erika
Office Manager

Chang, Yonghwan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Connaughton, Dan, Ed.D.

DeMichele, Doug, Ed.D.
Instructional Professor, Internship Coordinator

CJ Faulk
Graduate Program Assistant

Held, Justin
Academic Advisor

Higgerson, Paul
Academic Advisor

Jakar, Gidon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Kaplanidou, Kyriaki, Ph.D.

Ko, Yong Jae, Ph.D.
Professor, Interim Chair

McLeod, Christopher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Lyle, Shelley
Adjunct Lecturer and Career Engagement and Outreach Coordinator

Phillips, Casey
Administrative Support Assistant II

Ramos, Emerito
OPS — Research

Sagas, Michael, Ed.D.

Tavormina, Alyssa, Ph.D.
Instructional Assistant Professor, Director of the Online Sport Management Program

Thomas, Cyntrice Ph.D., JD
Instructional Assistant Professor, Graduate Coordinator

Wegner, Christine Ph.D.
Instructional Assistant Professor, Ph.D. Program Coordinator

Willming, Cynthia, Ph.D.
Instructional Associate Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator