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Rose Dvorak - The Breakers Internship

“The University of Florida has prepared me with a wide scope of education and critical career skills ranging from business management to marketing to service facilitation. The THEM
degree program is exceptionally beneficial to professional development as it creates pathways for leadership in the industry.  During my time as a student at UF, I had the opportunity to apply my skills in the house of the president while working for Cacciatore Catering.  I was quickly promoted to a management position where I had the honor of meeting industry professionals including the THEM board of directors.

I am honored to have been offered a full-time position in the Guest Relations department at The Breakers Palm Beach post-graduation.  They have an excellent track to management roles and it will be an incredible opportunity to officially join their team.  I am excited to see where this can take me in the hospitality industry”

Cameron Hall - River Ranch internship

“My experience as an HHP student has been nothing short of amazing. I have learned so much about the Tourism, Recreation, and Event Management industry as well as the Hospitality Industry as a whole. The professors, instructors, and guest speakers have created a creative, hands-on educational experience that has thoroughly prepared me for my internship. With the experience that each of my professors as had, it gave me a great insight into what the real work world would look like. They gave me warning signs, good tips, and even what to look forward to. At my specific internship, I oversee a huge array of things. Anything from directing a wedding day the day of, to bussing the tables and cleaning up the trash around the reception space. I have a wide variety of responsibilities but each of them is equally as important to how the event goes and the extent as to which the guests enjoy their night.”

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