THEM's curriculum prepares students to gain competency in industry knowledge, develop intellectual abilities, and foster adaptive and technical leadership skills. In addition, the focus on the growth of individual and group dynamics through critical thinking is emphasized so that students will become leaders, decision-makers, and entrepreneurs and create change in an ever-evolving industry. 


Why choose a certificate or minor?

THEM offers additional learning opportunities to you where ever you might be in your educational journey. Explore our certificate and minor offerings to get a glimpse at how you can make yourself an even more marketable professional in the tourism, hopsitality and events industries. 

List of Certificates & Minors

Take Your Learning Further

Certificates in Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management  

 Take Your Degree to the Next Level

The certificates train students in artificial intelligence and data analytics applications in tourism, hospitality, and event management. Graduate and undergraduate students will have the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and practice in artificial intelligence trends, analytic skills, machine learning concepts, technology applications, opportunities, and challenges in industries.



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