Center for Exercise Science Seminars

The CES is proud to present this ongoing speaker series where we bring in leading researchers representing the cardiovascular, muscle, nerve, brain and behavioral science fields. Presentations are approximately 45 minutes long and are followed by a 15-minute Q&A session. Seminars are open to the public.

For questions regarding the seminars, please contact Dr. Zheng Wang. Seminars for the Fall 2023 semester will be held in Florida Gymnasium (FLG), room 220.  See schedule below for dates.

Fall 2023


14 — Veronique Marchand Pauvert, Ph.D. (French Institute of Health and Medical Research)

TitleCortical and Spinal Excitability in Patients With Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Host:  Vahdat


5 — Ashley Smuder, Ph.D. (UF, Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology)

Title:  Exercise as a Strategy to Mitigate Chemotherapy-related Muscle Dysfunction
Host:  Wei-LaPierre

26 — Yasin Seven, Ph.D. (UF, Department of Physiological Sciences)

Title:  Degeneration of Respiratory Motor Neurons: Mechanisms and Novel Therapeutic Tools
Host:  Wei-LaPierre


9 — Ana Diaz Artilles, Ph.D. (Texas A&M University)

Title:  Astronaut Health During Spaceflight and Development of Countermeasures
Host:  Seidler

30 — Vihang Narkar, Ph.D. (The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston)

TitleNuclear Receptor Signaling in Exercise, Cardiovascular Complications, and Myopathies
Host:  Ryan


14 — Steven Weisberg, Ph.D. (UF, Department of Psychology)

TitleGetting Lost:  Supporting and Enhancing Human Wayfinding
Host:  Choi

Spring 2023


26 — Jerome Dempsey, Ph.D.

TitleHumans in Hypoxia: Adaptation vs Maladaptation
Host:  Clanton


09 — Julie Barkmeier-Kraemer, Ph.D.

TitleCharacterizing and Classifying Vocal Tremor (VT) Physiology...and Other Shaky Topics
Host:  E. Christou

23 — Katelyn Bruno, Ph.D.

Title:  TBD
Host:  Ferreira


09 — Craig Crandall, Ph.D.

TitleEnvironmental and Physiological States that Alter Hemorrhage Tolerance
Host:  Laitano

30 — Christina Dieli-Conwright, Ph.D.   CANCELLED

TitleA Virtual 'Exercise as Medicine' Approach to Optimize Treatment and Health Outcomes among Cancer Survivors
Host:  Demetra Christou


06 — Max Kurz, Ph.D.

TitleSensorimotor Learning in Persons with Cerebral Palsy
Host:  Vaillancourt

13 — Jessica Allen, Ph.D.

TitleBiomechanical Modeling to Identify Targets for Improving Ambulatory Function
Host:  Seidler

20 — Mei-Hua Lee, Ph.D.

Title:  TBD
Host:  Wang


Fall 2022


25 — Terence Ryan, Ph.D. (University of Florida)  - RESCHEDULED 9/15/22



15 — Terence Ryan, Ph.D. (University of Florida)

TitleUnderstanding non-vascular pathology in PAD: Why it matters?
Host:  Tom Clanton


TBD — Azra Bihorac, Ph.D. (University of Florida Associated Dean of Research)

TitleIntelligent Clinical Care: Improving Acute Care Medicine with Artificial Intelligence
Host:  David Vaillancourt

27 — Caterina Rosano, Ph.D. (University of Pittsburgh)

TitleDrivers of Mobility Resilience in Older Age:  Brain, Muscles, or ?
Host:  Rachael Seidler


8 — Razvan Cornea, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota)

TitleStructure-Driven Approaches to Therapeutic Discovery Targeting Pathologic Ca2+ Cycling in Muscle
Host:  Lan Wei-LaPierre