APK Advisory Board

Department of Applied Physiology & Kinesiology Industry Advisory Board Members

Jennica Anglin

Jennica is a graduate of the UF APK program. In her final semester at UF, she completed an internship with Apple as a Wellness Intern, and continued to work with Apple as a Clinical Research Scientist after graduation. Since leaving Apple, Jennica is now focused on supporting the career and personal development of neurodivergent individuals, especially those who want to work in the tech and wellness arenas.

Sudip Bagui

Sudip Bagui is a Developmental Performance Coach at Major League Soccer club Seattle Sounders. Bagui manages all aspects of physical performance for the Sounders Under-15 and Under-17 academy teams, including design and implementation of individualized physical development programs, movement quality training, and late-stage return to play programs, collaboration with coaches regarding session design and load management, and management of all academy sport science data and technology. Prior to joining the Sounders, Bagui served as a strength and conditioning coach for multiple teams and across a variety of sports. He is well-versed in the use of modern technology as a way of enhancing his programming to maximize training programs and reduce the risk of injury.

Ron Forbes

Ron graduated from UF in 1995. He continued working in collegiate athletics at both UF and Stanford for 14 years in the strength & conditioning space. While working with UF, he provided strength & conditioning support to football, women’s soccer, and men’s tennis. He oversaw the strength & conditioning programs for 35 D1 teams at Stanford while serving as the Director of Sports Performance. He now lives in Ocala, FL and runs the Innovative Athletic Performance Institute, working in conjunction with physical therapists to help casual and professional athletes alike return from injury, prevent injury, and achieve their next level of success. His organization is also an internship host site for APK students.

Dr. Jennifer Reiner-Marcello, DC

Dr. Jennifer Reiner-Marcello has over 20 years of experience in the sports performance industry ranging from the private setting, college, and professional teams. She is currently a consultant for colleges/universities, government, and Major League Baseball organizations. Prior to consulting, Dr. Reiner-Marcello served as the reconditioning and performance therapist for the Minnesota Twins and a rehabilitation specialist for the San Diego Padres. In her work with professional baseball, she created and deployed reconditioning programs various assessments to reduce injury, improve skill, and drive performance. A board-certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP), Dr. Reiner-Marcello is an advocate for supporting the needs of athletes through a variety of modalities.  She currently lives in Lakewood Ranch Florida with her husband and two daughters.

Timothy Roberts, MSc

Timothy Roberts, MSc, CSCS, currently holds the role of Vice President of Global Science and Innovation at Therabody and oversees the application of science within the company. Timothy’s academic background is in exercise physiology and biochemistry and his current role includes the development of a world-class R+D function, the execution of research with within Therabody’s own lab and with external partners, and the translation of this knowledge into strategies that elevate the innovation, product development, education, and marketing business functions. Timothy’s passion is for taking an evidence-based approach to how we understand and use technologies to enhance health and performance in different populations.

Morgan Smith, Ph.D.

Dr. Morgan Smith is a postdoctoral fellow in the genetics department at Stanford University, specifically focused on bridging the gap between molecular physiology, multi-omics, and human performance research in women. She received her Ph.D. from Auburn University, with a research focus on molecular predictors of human performance outcomes in women. Dr. Smith completed her bachelors and master’s degrees at the University of Florida, where she found her passion for research through her academic mentors and a spontaneous summer job in a research laboratory. Outside of research, you can find her going on a hike with her dog Reggie, playing pick-up basketball, checking out all the good food spots in the Bay Area, or running around the city.