Welcome to the EDGE Lab!

We are the Ethanol, Drug, and Gambling Experimental (EDGE) Lab. Our lab specializes in research relevant to addiction, sexual risk behavior, and related conditions. Our broad scope includes the use of a novel human laboratory paradigm and technology-based interventions.

The EDGE Lab

We are a dynamic team of graduate students, undergraduate students, and professional research staff located at the University of Florida led by Dr. Robert Leeman, Ph.D. 

Our lab conducts NIH-funded research on the etiology of and new interventions to ameliorate addictive behaviors and enhance sexual health, including HIV prevention. Regarding etiology, they focus primarily on various difficulties with self-control including facets of impulsivity and impaired control over substance use (i.e., difficulty adhering to limits on substance use). Intervention research mainly involves technology-based approaches including smartphone applications (apps) providing feedback on blood alcohol concentration.

New studies will test a smartphone app to address attentional biases to drug cues among those with opioid use disorder and an app providing personalized feedback on cognitive performance for heavy drinking young adults.

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The EDGE Lab
The EDGE Lab: Setting the bar high