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Celebrating Shari Mack’s 39 Years of Service

Celebrating Shari Mack’s 39 Years of Service

Celebrating nearly 40 years of service, the College of Health & Human Performance wishes Shari Mack a happy retirement. Ms. Mack, administrative support assistant III, in the dean’s office, retired this summer.

Mack began her career at the college in 1983 working with Owen Holyoak, Ph.D., former chair of the Department of Exercise and Sport Science (now applied physiology and kinesiology) and Linda Goode, the department’s office manager. After earning an associate degree, Ms. Mack said the college and students made her feel welcomed when she interviewed here 39 years ago.

During her career, Ms. Mack worked across the college including Living Well, student affairs, development and served as the administrative assistant for the dean. Through the years, it's the people that kept Ms. Mack here.

“This college is a family,” said Mack. “Like any family, it has its ups and downs… When something happens, we all pull together.”

In her longest stretch at the college, Ms. Mack worked with Jill Varnes, Ph.D., who served as assistant dean for student affairs and later served as dean. “Dr. Varnes is a great friend,” said Mack. “We had a great bond and she’s very supportive and giving.”

Varnes pulled in a core team that became central to Ms. Mack’s time at the college and enduring friendships, including Diane Davis, former human resources coordinator, and Janice Douglas, a former administrative assistant.

What is Ms. Mack looking forward to most in her retirement? Mack said that she has stacks of books and a movie list accumulated for the days ahead.

From all of us in HHP, thank you for your service, Ms. Mack — Here’s to a wonderful retirement!

(image: Brianne Lehan/UF)

At the spring awards ceremony, Dr. Varnes (center) presented Ms. Mack (right) and Ms. Diane Davis with a special endowment made possible by retired and current faculty and staff. The fund, the Shari Mack-Diane Davis Professional Development Endowment, will be used for professional development of staff members in the college and is named for two of its longest serving members. Donations to the fund can be made at

(image: Delainie McNeil/UF)

A special retirement party was hosted in the Florida Gym this summer to celebrate the career and legacy of Ms. Mack. Among the gifts was a special UF rocking chair that already has a spot in Ms. Mack’s home.

(image: Jeremey Clark/UF)

In 2019, the college celebrated staff members with more than 25 years of service including (left-to-right) DeEtta Rhodes, Curtis Weldon, Susan Weldon, Shari Mack, Janice Douglas and Lori Myers.