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Tourism and Travel in the wake of COVID-19

Tourism and Travel in the wake of COVID-19

Curious how COVID-19 is affecting the tourism industry?

On April 6, Lori Pennington-Gray, director of the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute and professor in the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Event Management held an “Ask Me Anything” forum on Reddit. Pennington-Gray discussed the effects that COVID-19 may have on future travel and answered questions from users of the popular message board.

The likelihood that travelers will take a vacation trip has decreased by 50 percent in the past month due to COVID-19, Pennington-Gray said. To avoid a future decline, she believes that the industry will transform to include various preventative measures after the virus subsides.

“We will definitely see long term changes regarding not only sanitation, but also monitoring and managing pandemics that impact the industry.”

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