The Human Performance concentration is a non-thesis track within the Master of Science degree-in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (M.S. APK). The Human Performance Concentration is offered residentially and online. The concentration provides opportunity for students to advance their knowledge and skills within the domains of sport & exercise physiology, motor learning, sport nutrition, strength & conditioning, and sport & exercise psychology.

Students graduating from the M.S. APK degree program will acquire valuable knowledge and skills that can be broadly applied to promote scientifically based interventions that enhance motor performance and optimize physiological response to exercise or physical activity. Previous graduates have successfully entered careers as practitioners within sport organizations, corporate fitness programming, health agencies, educational institutions, and tactical professional training programs. Additionally, numerous graduates have continued training within the allied health fields or research-intensive Ph.D. programs.

The 30-credit hour curriculum for the Human Performance concentration requires students to complete:

 Program Requirements

  • Concentration courses – 18 credit hours
    • Concentration courses are designed to provide students a foundation in the science of Human Performance
  • Elective Courses – 12 credit hours
    • Elective courses allow students to further specialize their knowledge & skill sets within Human Performance
  • Comprehensive Final Examination
    • Prior to graduating, each student must demonstrate proficiency across the curriculum by successfully passing a written final examination administered by their advisory committee


Students take one course from each fundamental topic area to meet the 18 credit hour Concentration Courses requirement:

  • Fundamentals in Exercise Physiology:

APK 6116 Physiological Bases of Exercise & Sport Sciences (3 credits)
APK6170 Advanced Exercise Physiology (3 credits)
APK6145 Human Pathophysiology for the Exercise Sciences (3 credits)

  • Fundamentals in Research

HLP 6535 Research Methods (3 credits)
PET 5936 Applied Sport Science & Analytics (3 credits)

  • Fundamentals in Exercise Conditioning

APK 6176 Strength & Conditioning (3 credits)
APK 6118 Neuromuscular Adaptations to Exercise (3 credits)
APK 6611 Tactical Strength and Conditioning (3 credits)

  • Fundamentals in Assessment

APK 6226 Biomechanics of Human Motion (3 credits)
APK 5127 Assessment in Exercise Science (3 credits)
PET 5102 Kinetic Anatomy (3 credits)
APK 6320C Corrective Exercise (3 credits)

  • Fundamentals in Behavioral Aspects of Performance

APK 5404 Sport Psychology (3 credits)
APK 6408 Performance Enhancement (3 credits)
APK 6205 Nature & Bases of Motor Performance (3 credits)
PET 5936 Emotion & Attention in Sport (3 credits)

  • Fundamentals in Sports Nutrition

APK 6167 Nutrition Aspects of Human Performance (3 credits)
PET 5936 Ergogenic Aids (3 credits)

Approved Elective Courses

(APK/PET courses not counting towards a Concentration Fundamental Topic)

APK 6900 Independent Study (1 – 3 credits)
APK 6940 Advanced Practicum (1 – 3 credits)
PET 6947 Graduate Internship in Applied Physiology & Kinesiology (3 - 9 credits)
SPM 5181 Athlete Development (3 credits)
SPM 6726 Sport Law (3 credits)
SPM 5016 Sport Sociology
SPM 5506 Sport Finance (3 credits)

Note: 1000 – 4000 level courses within the department and 1000 – 2000 level courses outside the department are not eligible to count toward the graduate degree requirements.

Comprehensive Final Examination

Prior to graduating, each student, student must complete a written final examination administered by their supervisory committee to show proficiency & practical competency in their own area of concentration.

Recommended Prerequisites

NOTE: Courses that DO NOT count toward graduate degree program

  • Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription (at U.F. APK 4125C)
  • Integrated Principles of Biology (at U.F. BSC 2010)
  • General Chemistry (at U.F. CHM 2045)
  • Fundamentals of Human Nutrition (at U.F. HUN 2201)
  • Applied Human Anatomy (at U.F. APK 2100C)
  • Applied Human Physiology (at U.F. APK 2105C)
  • Physiology of Exercise & Training (at U.F. PET 3110C)
  • General Psychology (at U.F. PSY 2012)


Faculty Advisors

  • Barton, Elisabeth, P.h.D
  • Beatty, Garrett, Ph.D.
  • Borsa, Paul, Ph.D.
  • Cauraugh, James, Ph.D.
  • Christou, Demetra, Ph.D.
  • Christou, Evangelos, Ph.D.
  • Clanton, Thomas, Ph.D.
  • Coombes, Stephen, Ph.D.
  • Ferreira, Leonardo, Ph.D.
  • Harrison, Blain, Ph.D.
  • Hass, Chris, Ph.D.
  • Janelle, Christopher, Ph.D.
  • Powers, Scott, Ph.D.
  • Reid, Michael B., Ph.D.
  • Ryan, Terence, Ph.D.
  • Seidler, Rachael, Ph.D.
  • Manini,Todd, Ph.D.
  • Vahdat, Shahab, Ph.D.
  • Vaillancourt, David, Ph.D.
  • Wei-LaPierre, Lan, Ph.D.