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Degree Comparison

This table describes the main differences between a Clinical Doctorate like a Doctor of Athletic Training degree and a research degree like a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Core Curriculum

+  Translating research evidence
    into athletic training practice

+  Cultivating practical experience

+  Healthcare policy

+  Research methodology

+  Theories of athletic training practice

+  Junior faculty development

Applicant Prerequisites

+  Bachelor’s or Master’s of 
    Athletic Training

+  Certification as an Athletic Trainer (U.S.)
    or Athletic Therapist (Canada)

Most require a Master’s degree in a related field Certification as an Athletic Trainer (U.S.) or Athletic Therapist (Canada)
Clinical Work
Yes, up to 600 hours Minimal
Statistics and theory In-depth, faculty-guided ending in major research projects and publications
Final Project
Often a clinical research paper (e.g., systematic review), presentation, or clinical practice-based project Dissertation: Research project contributing to the field of athletic training or related field
Typical Post-Graduate Employment

+  Positions requiring advanced skill-sets

+  Leadership in Athletic Training practice

+  Management positions

+  Academic positions that have a 
    clinical skillset

+  Non-tenure-earning faculty

+  Researcher

+  Faculty member

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