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Concentration Areas

General Overview

Concentrations within the Doctor of Athletic Training program (Manual Therapy, Sport Performance, Orthopedics and Teaching & Leadership) represent areas of distinction and professional expertise shared among faculty and preceptors. Students complete proficiency-based experiences during four learning modules, under the direction of qualified preceptors. Each module provides the student with training and application opportunities to ensure mastery of the topic areas. Students completing the Doctor of Athletic Training program may have a distinct pathway to earn post-graduate certificates, credentials, or other professional practice recognition associated with their concentration. The transcript designation of the concentration allows graduates to document the advanced clinical expertise gained with their post-professional degree. Applicants rank Concentration preferences during the admission process and receive Concentration assignments after admission. Graduates earn a clinical Doctor of Athletic Training degree with a transcript designation for their Concentration.

Teaching and Leadership

Under the mentorship of award-winning educators, students in the teaching and leadership concentration gain experience with instructional design, interprofessional education/practice, and the application of leadership within academia.

Manual Therapy

Preceptors offer students instruction and clinical practice of various manual therapy techniques (e.g., instrument assisted, massage, soft tissue techniques) to promote skill acquisition and integration.


Provides students with advanced clinical orthopedics practice skills and interprofessional experiences within medicine (e.g., surgery, oncology, pediatrics, total joint, radiology and DME).

Sport Performance

Elite strength and conditioning and sports medicine preceptors provide students experiences, that foster knowledge in athletic performance enhancement; specifically, program design and training for injury reduction/prevention and injury recovery.

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