Sport Management Certificate

The Sport Management Certificate examines the interdisciplinary nature of the study of sport management, while applying the fundamentals of business to the area of sport. The certificate allows the selection of upper-division courses that pertain to a specific career focus in sport management. The additional knowledge, skills, and experience gained from this certificate can potentially elevate a student’s marketability to future employers.


  • SPM2000 Introduction to Sport Management


Students choose THREE of the following courses:

  • SPM3012 Sport and Society
  • SPM3204 Ethical Issues in Sport
  • SPM3306 Sport Marketing
  • SPM3403 Sport Information Management
  • SPM4104 Sport Facility Design and Management
  • SPM4515 Sport Business and Finance
  • SPM4723 Legal Issues in Sport and Physical Activity

Additional Information

  • Total credits required: 12
  • All courses must be completed with minimum grades of C or better.
  • This certificate is not open to Sport Management students.
  • All credits must be completed at UF.
  • Application required

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