Sport Event Management

Online Graduate Certificate

The sport event management online graduate certificate offers a tremendous opportunity for individuals with a Bachelor’s degree interested to acquire sport event management skills and gain insights into how to run large and small scale sport events. The Graduate certificate includes three courses that can be completed one semester (Fall or Spring) or can be completed over two semesters.

All students enrolled in the certificate program will gain an introduction to sport event management, learn about the management of mega events such as the Olympic Games and also how to manage the impacts of these sport events for their community.

Required Courses (9 credits)

Students must complete the following three courses and can complete the online certificate in one semester if they wish to do so:

  • SPM 5107 Sport Event Management Principles and Applications: 3 credit hours (Fall and Spring)
  • SPM 6606 Management of Olympic Games functional areas: 3 credit hours (Fall and Spring)
  • SPM 6610 Sport Events and Community Development: 3 credit hours (Fall and Spring)

If the students would like to take the courses in sequence, we suggest they start with SPM 5107 in one semester and in the next semester take SPM 6606 and SPM 6610.

Industry Affiliates

The Sport Event Management graduate certificate program has industry affiliates who provide experitse and connections to their area of sport event management. Learn more about our affiliates here

Masters vs. Graduate Certificate

Many types of students apply for the graduate certificate. Some seek new skills to apply to their career, while others seek an introduction to graduate school. The graduate certificate program gives also students the opportunity to decide if a full master’s degree is right for them. Students take classes and learn exciting new skills while also deciding if graduate school fits into their lives. Frequently, students start the graduate certificate program and later choose to apply to the full master’s degree to gain more skills and embrace the opportunity to change their lives. The courses in the graduate certificate program apply to the master’s degree as electives, creating a seamless transition into the full master’s program. To be considered to continue as a master’s student upon completion of a certificate, a student must submit a master’s in Sport Management application.  

Contact us today if you would like more information on the graduate certificate — use subject line "sport event management certificate."

Application deadline for Spring admission is December 1, 2022, but late applications will be considered. For your application packet, please prepare and email your CV and one-page statement of purpose about why this certificate is of interest to you to with the subject line “SEM statement and resume”.

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