HEB Brown Bag Research Series

The Brown Bag is an informal research seminar that is typically held 3-5 times per semester. The term “Brown Bag” refers to the seminar being held at lunchtime (from noon-1pm), thus attendees can bring their lunch and eat during the seminar. Brown Bag provides faculty and students an opportunity to present in an interactive manner about research at any stage and receive feedback. Often times, Brown Bag is used as an opportunity to practice talks to be delivered externally or elsewhere at UF or to share recent talks given elsewhere for the benefit of those who were not able to attend. 

Spring 2022

*All Brown Bags will be held via Zoom

January 14th: Doctoral student Shahar Almog
  • Effects of Visual Exposure to Natural versus Built Environments on Cannabis, Cigarette, and Alcohol Demand
February 25th: Dr. Amber Emanuel
March 18th: Doctoral student Chelsea Chappell
April 15th: Doctoral student Elder Varela


Fall 2021

September 10th: Doctoral student Kellie Cooper
  • Behavior change techniques in digital physical activity interventions for breast cancer survivors: A systematic review (Recording)

October 1: Doctoral student Neo Gebru
  • Substance Use and Adherence to HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: A Systematic Review (Recording)
November 5th: Doctoral students Montserrat Carrera Seoane and Neo Gebru
December 3rd: Doctoral student Ricarda Pritschmann

Spring 2021

*All Brown Bags will be held at noon via zoom

February 5th - Doctoral student Hannah Lavoie and Coordinator Leah McMahan 
March 19th - Doctoral student Tyler James
  • Developing conceptual models for health education research and practice: A demonstration describing emergency department utilization among deaf patients (Link to Recording)
April 2nd - Doctoral student Elder Varela
  • Addressing Food Insecurity in Early Childhood: Community Stakeholders Perspectives’ prior to and during COVID-19 (Link to Recording)

Fall 2020

*All Brown Bags will be held at noon via zoom

September 25th - Presentation and discussion of new articles on exercise and weight loss by Shahar Almog and Kellie Cooper
October 16th - HEB doctoral student Katie Lindstrom
November 6th - HEB doctoral student Andrea Vasquez Ferreiro
December 4th - HEB doctoral student Juhan (John) Lee

Spring 2020

January 31st - HEB doctoral student Neo Gebru
  • Prospective Associations between Adolescent Employment and Initiation of Alcohol Use in a National Longitudinal Survey
February 28th - HEB doctoral student Tyler James
  • The R36 Application Process
April 10th - HEB Assistant Professor Megan McVay
  • Transparent and Open Science Practices in Health Education and Behavior Research