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The College of Health & Human Performance (HHP) gives you an education unlike anywhere else. Here, you have the opportunity to study, explore and make a profound difference in people’s lives. We empower students with the tools, knowledge and confidence to fulfill their dreams and become remarkable assets to their communities.

At HHP you will gain more than just an education – we are confident you will also find a home.

Bachelor of Science Programs

HHP offers a curriculum that touches nearly every aspect of daily life. Our faculty and researchers use state-of-the-art facilities to collect data that help us understand people. We use this understanding to win the battle against addiction, improve the quality of life for those suffering from debilitating neurological, cardiovascular and muscular diseases and help span cultural divides through tourism and sport.

The college offers the following undergraduate programs

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

The B.S. in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology allows students to gain extensive understanding of the anatomical, physiological and psychological bases, and consequences of human movement. Students explore the relationship between physical activity and health and learn how to prevent and treat athletic injuries. This curriculum provides a strong basic science background and requires additional coursework in the biological aspects of exercise. Students who wish to focus on fitness, wellness and allied health professions can take classes that focus on exercise programming and techniques and anatomical aspects of movement. Students more interested in preparing for graduate school or other post-baccalaureate programs in health sciences can opt for classes with more clinical and advanced physiological content. For more information...

Health Education & Behavior

Health Education & Behavior

B.S. in Health Education prepares students to work as a health education specialist in schools, government agencies, voluntary health organizations, philanthropic foundations, colleges and universities, private-sector industry and healthcare settings. Students learn techniques to promote healthy lifestyle choices in individual and group settings, with special attention given to diversity and culturally appropriate health education methodologies. The undergraduate curriculum also provides an excellent foundation for health education and related graduate programs as well as professional health programs such as nursing, medical school, physician assistant, occupational therapy and physical therapy. Students can focus their coursework on their specific interest area through one of the two specializations: Health Studies or Community Health Promotion. For more information...


Sport Management

The B.S. in Sport Managment enables students to ethically apply the fundamental concepts of management, marketing, finance and law to sport organizations. The sport industry needs highly trained professionals to meet the ever-changing economic and lifestyle growth patterns in tomorrow’s marketplace. With the proliferation of both recreational and spectator sports, the Sport Management discipline is growing increasingly complex. As a result, successful organizations in the sports industry are constantly searching for leaders with specialized training. The Sport Management program prepares students for management and leadership positions with professional sports teams, intercollegiate and intramural athletics, and recreation programs at colleges, universities and amateur athletic organizations. For more information...



The B.S. in Tourism, Hospitality & Event Management curriculum prepares students to gain competency in industry knowledge, develop intellectual abilities and foster adaptive and technical leadership skills. In addition, the focus on the growth of individual and group dynamics through critical thinking is emphasized so that students will become leaders, decision-makers and entrepreneurs and create change in an ever-evolving industry. Graduates pursue a wide range of exciting career opportunities including hotels, resorts, theme parks, cruise lines, casinos, clubs, restaurants, convention centers, tour operators, corporate, public and private meetings and events, inclusive of the music, festivals, entertainment, fashion, attractions and many other options. Students can choose from one of the following specializations: Event Management, General or Tourism and Hospitality Management. For more information... 



All HHP majors include an experiential learning component. In the majority of HHP majors, this is represented by a full-time semester long internship experience during their last semester prior to graduation. The number of work/credit hours for each internship requirement vary by major/specialization. Students selecting to complete a capstone experience, must complete the full-time internship during their final UF semester prior to graduation.

>> For a deep-dive into internships, visit the internship section.

Student Involvement

Student Involvement

Getting involved is an integral part of the UF experience and the best way to connect to HHP, extend your education outside the classroom, make new friends and most importantly, have fun! There are many opportunities at HHP to get engaged in something that matters to you, the community or a future career. Learn more about getting involved. 

First Year Florida

First Year Florida is UF’s signature course for first-year students, and there is a specific section for HHP students. This one-credit course has small class sizes and an upper-classmen mentor to help students adjust to their new home in the Florida Gym. With outside engagement, campus involvement and your peers, students will participate in — and maybe even make their own — Gator traditions.  In addition to taking a great class, students who take First Year Florida have an overall higher GPA than their non-First Year Florida peers.

Learn more about First Year Florida and let your Preview Advisor know you want to register in the HHP section of the course.  

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