Florida Traffic & Bicycle Safety Education Program


Training Workshops

The FTBSEP uses a train-the-trainer model to teach training workshop participants (e.g., school teachers, law enforcement, fire rescue/EMS, municipal parks and recreation staff, community professionals) how to teach pedestrian and bicycle safety education to others (children, other adults, and seniors). Training workshops are conducted by FTBSEP Regional Trainers certified by the League of American Bicyclists (or Cycling Savvy) and mentored by the FTBSEP.

Community Workshop

Community workshops are generally 5-6 hours and prepare participants to teach pedestrian and bicycle safety in their community through bicycle skills clinics/bike rodeos, community presentations, and other events.

Safe Bicycling for Life

The Safe Bicycling for Life workshop is designed to teach older adults how to be safer bicyclists through in-class instruction and outside, on-bike skills. Similar to the Community Workshop, Safe Bicycling for Life workshops are generally 5-6 hours and use a train-the-trainer model to teach individuals who, in turn, will teach older adults (e.g., senior recreation center staff, county/city staff, independent/assisted living staff, and other community professionals). Although older adults may have many years of traffic experience, some may be bicycling for the first time in several years. To be a safer and more competent bicyclist, it is important to improve bicycling skills and to be familiar with traffic laws pertaining to bicycling. The goal of this workshop is to empower older adults with the information needed to become a safer bicyclist, and to encourage bicycling not only for recreation, but also as an active transportation option.

To find a workshop scheduled near you, visit our calendar page. If you would like to host/coordinate a workshop, please contact us:

Email: Safety@hhp.ufl.edu | Phone: (352) 294-1682

Regional Trainers

The FTBSEP has regional trainers throughout Florida who can conduct workshops. Trainers are certified through the League of American Bicyclists or Cycling Savvy and have been mentored by other FTBSEP Regional Trainers. If you are interested in becoming an FTBSEP Regional Trainer, below are the steps:

  1. Attend a Florida Traffic & Bicycle Safety Education Program training workshop.
  2. Complete an League of American Bicyclists Traffic Skills 101 Course, or successfully complete the Cycling Savvy course.
  3. Complete League Cycling Instructor (LCI) or Cycling Savvy Instructor (CSI) training.
    NOTE: LCI training is typically held once a year in Florida (prerequisite is passing Traffic Skills 101 class). The training focuses on bicycling skills and teaching ability, with evaluation in both areas.
  4. LCI’s/CSI’s are then mentored by FTBSEP Regional Trainers through FTBSEP training workshops.

After the above mentioned qualifications are successfully completed, the trainee is approved to become a FTBSEP Regional Trainer. Trainers must keep their LAB membership/LCI certification or Cycling Savvy Instructor certification current. They are encouraged to coordinate trainings in their region but are also contacted through the FTBSEP office to assist with or conduct trainings. Trainers are provided a stipend unless it is already considered a part of their regular job responsibilities.

Regional trainers are the lifeblood of the statewide program. We are always looking for enthusiastic and energetic new potential trainees who want to improve their own cycling skills as well as impart their knowledge to others. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about becoming a Regional Trainer.