Florida Traffic & Bicycle Safety Education Program

About Us

The Florida Traffic & Bicycle Safety Education Program (FTBSEP) is a statewide, comprehensive training program that teaches individuals how to be more competent and safer pedestrians and bicyclists. The FTBSEP is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation’s Safety Office and is administered through the University of Florida. In addition to training individuals, the FTBSEP uses a train-the-trainer model to teach training workshop participants (e.g., school teachers, law enforcement, fire rescue/EMS, municipal parks and recreation staff, community professionals) how to teach pedestrian and bicycle safety education to others (children, other adults, and seniors). Therefore, the purpose of the FTBSEP is to deliver high quality, comprehensive pedestrian and bicycle safety trainings to individuals who will learn how to be safer and more competent, but will also be prepared to teach pedestrian and bicycle safety to others in Florida.

The program’s goal is to reduce traffic crashes resulting serious or fatal injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists by administering pedestrian and bicycle safety education training workshops.

The pedestrian and bicycle safety education workshops are presented to target audiences in priority counties as identified by Florida’s Bicycle Pedestrian Focused Initiative (see map). Educational components will include safety tips, information, instruction and guidance that promotes safer driving, walking, and bicycling behaviors to individual training participants.

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Visit our calendar page to look for scheduled pedestrian and bicycle safety workshops in your area. If you would like to host/coordinate a workshop, please contact us.

Email: Safety@hhp.ufl.edu | Phone: (352) 294-1685

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