Centers & Institutes

The College of Health and Human Performance houses three research centers:

Center for Behavioral Economic Health Research (CBEHR)

The mission of the CBEHR is to stimulate research applications aimed at understanding human behavior change, focusing on behaviors that adversely impact health and wellness. These applications are guided by the unifying trans-discipline of behavioral economics, which offers powerful concepts and methods for an enhanced understanding of the science of human behavior change.

The Center for Exercise Science (CES)

The Center for Exercise Science is a multidisciplinary research center housed in the Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. CES is dedicated to investigating the complex interactions between physical activity, aging and nutrition. The primary goal of scientists in the CES is to improve human health by advancing knowledge through research. Moreover, the CES provides an outstanding laboratory environment to educate University of Florida students and post-doctoral fellows who will become the next generation of health-related exercise scientists and clinicians. The Center for Exercise Science (CES) researchers are engaged in studies designed to improve our understanding of the basic mechanisms that underlie exercise-induced changes in the body at the organ, tissue, cellular and molecular level.

The Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute (EFTI)

The Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute is committed to facilitating and fostering the growth of tourism. The Institute is redefining how companies, governments and communities look at travel and tourism. We believe it’s prudent to plan, develop and manage tourism — not just because it’s smart for our economy, but to address potential environmental and socio-cultural concerns. With more people traveling, it’s become a challenge for some communities to maintain a vibrant tourism-based economy while protecting the natural environment and their traditional way of life.

In order to meet that challenge, EFTI (formerly known as the Center for Tourism Research and Development) was created in 1992 to serve tourism destinations and industries through researchconsultancyeducation and training services. Since then, it has evolved to become a major center for tourism research in Florida, the United States and globally. EFTI is at the forefront to address the challenges facing all of us, both today and tomorrow. The Institute — which taps into experts from a wide range of disciplines — is world-renowned for its fresh, academic and applied approach to the field. Dedicated to research excellence and with a passion for knowledge, the EFTI team works to solve tourism-related issues within six program areas:

  • Tourism Marketing
  • Sport Tourism and Event Management
  • Ecotourism and Heritage Tourism
  • Coastal, Marine and Water-based Tourism
  • Tourism Crisis Management
  • Hospitality Management.