The Fagerberg Scholarship

Fagerberg received a bachelor’s degree from Union University with a double major of biology and health and physical education. He then earned a masters of education from Memphis State University, majoring in educational administration, with a minor in health and physical education. In 1971, Fagerberg moved to University of Florida after earning a doctorate in education from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1970 to become a professor of health science education, where he served for more than 35 years.

Throughout his teaching and administrative career, Fagerberg has helped thousands of students achieve their educational goals. His expertise has been shared in more than 15 books that he has authored or co-authored and more than 30 articles that have been published in journals. He has received requests for articles and permission to reprint articles from 360 countries.

Award Criteria:

  • This award is for any HHP major;
  • Applicant must have a minimum UF GPA of 3.5 and demonstrate leadership and character.