Ph.D. Student Annual Performance Report

April 1, 2016 – March 30, 2017

A review of doctoral students in the college is conducted each spring. Each active doctoral student must provide a copy of their updated CV highlighting their activities and accomplishments (including but not limited to publications, presentations, & grant activity) during the previous year (April 1, 2016 – March 30, 2017; if you just started the doctoral program in fall 2016 your report will begin August 1, 2016). With the updated CV, each doctoral student must complete the annual doctoral review survey: Click HERE to go to survey

  • Your CV and completed survey are due: April 7, 2017
  • Save CV as PDF and name the file as follows: lastname dept.pdf (Example: janelleapk.pdf)
  • Submit your updated CV to the following e-mail address:

Updated CV Guidelines:

Your CV should, at minimum, include the following sections along with demographic and educational information. Please make certain that dates are included so that it is clear to the reviewer. For instance, if you received an honor/award, indicate in what year the award/honor was received.


  • List any peer-reviewed publications that you have authored or co-authored with the most recent first. Include publications “in press/accepted” only. Bold your name. Include impact factor; if the impact factor is not available note: NA
  • Use APA, 6th edition style (
  • For information on determining impact factor click HERE



Dominguez, J.M., Prisby, R.D., Muller-Delp, J.M., Allen, M.R., & Delp, M.D. (2010). Increased nitric oxide-mediated vasodilation of bone resistance arteries is associated with increased trabecular bone volume after endurance training in rats. Bone, 46, 813-819. Impact factor: 4.145

In Press:

Ryan, T. D., Sagas, M. (in press). Relationships between pay satisfaction, work-family conflict, and coaching turnover intentions. Team Performance Management. Impact Factor: NA

Professional Presentations:

  • List any professional presentations that you participated in.


Conference: American Public Health Association
When: November 2008
Title: VERB Summer Scorecard: What Characterizes Tweens who Participate Versus Those Who Do Not?
Authors: Bryant, C.A., Baldwin, J., Hogeboom, D., Phillips, L., Courtney, A., Nickelson, J., Alfonso, A.,

French, J., McCormack Brown, K., & McDermott, R.J.
Oral/Poster: Poster presentation

Involvement in Research Projects:

  • Describe any research projects that you worked on. This may include any grant writing activity you have been involved with. Please include the title of the project, name of the principal investigator, and a description of your role.


  • List any awards or honors that you have received — include what the honor is for.


2015 — Outstanding Doctoral Student, Department of Health Education & Behavior, University of Florida


  • Describe any type of Professional, University, College, Department or community-service related activities in which you have been involved.

Other Personal/Professional Development:

  • Identify specific activities in the form of personal continuing education, seminars attended or other professional activities to enhance your professional development. These are activities you have done in addition to any university coursework.


Don’t forget: In addition to the upload of your CV – you must complete the annual performance survey by April 7, 2017: Click HERE to go to survey

In addition to helping the departments and College highlight your many accomplishments, survey results and CVs will be used to inform departmental graduate faculty committee assessments of your progress and will aid in composition of your annual letters of evaluation. Thank you for your compliance with this request and your efforts to further the scholarly, instructional and service missions of the College.