Mentor-Mentee Program

Adjusting to college can be a difficult process for some. At first, UF can seem a bit overwhelming due to its large size and never-ending list of choices. From majors, minors, clubs and extracurricular activities to deciding if you should study abroad or move off campus, you will have to make your own decisions constantly.

College very well may be the best four years of your life. The College of Health and Human Performance wants to make sure you enjoy your four years and take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities this university has to offer. That’s why we created the Mentor-Mentee Program.

Founded by the HHP Ambassadors, the Mentor-Mentee Program at HHP aims to match a new HHP student (mentee) with an upperclassman (mentor). The mentor will be able to help the mentee adjust to life at UF, offer advice on a variety of topics and serve as an academic and social role model. Another main goal of the program is to create a family-like atmosphere at HHP and help connect the students to the college as soon as they arrive. The selected upperclassmen will serve as a mentor for the academic year.

Who is eligible to be a mentee?

Any first-year/transfer student who has chosen a major within the College of Health and Human Performance.

HHP freshman/transfer students interested in having a mentor can sign up by filling out a form off of the HHP Web site and turning it in to the Ambassadors Adviser (FLG 200).

This program is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The number of mentors we have will determine how many mentees the program can take.

How are the mentors selected?

Each spring, HHP begins to recruit mentors for the next school year. Our mentors must have demonstrated that they are responsible, hard-working, outgoing, friendly and have a strong passion for being of service to others. Those who wish to be mentors must fill out an application form, provide a résumé and write an essay as well as include support from a UF faculty or staff member. After the selection committee reviews the application, each candidate is brought in for an extensive interview.

What to expect

You and your mentor will participate in a variety of activities throughout the school year including but not limited to: scavenger hunts, picnics, HHP TailGator events, bowling, dinner parties, camping, etc. Your mentor will help you adjust to life at UF and show you the ropes. In addition, the mentors will host a variety of group activities that will enable you to meet other first-year HHP students. Your mentor will be able to tutor you if needed.