Prior to graduation, all HHP students – except athletic training students – are required to complete a full semester of internship. This requirement is completed during the semester of expected graduation, after successful completion of all other required coursework (see below). Credit hours for this requirement are included in the credit hour total required for graduation. Students will not be granted permission to participate in the graduation ceremony prior to successfully completing the internship experience.

Students are eligible to complete the internship semester if they have:

  • Successfully completed ALL other required courses and are therefore eligible to graduate upon successful completion of the internship semester (includes majors, minors, correspondence, general education, Writing and Math requirements, International/Diversity, and study abroad).
  • Secured professional liability insurance.
  • Current certification in First Aid, CPR (level determined by department) and AED.
  • A UF, upper-division cumulative, major and universal tracking GPA of at least a 2.0, with no I, N or NG grades or flags.
  • No deficit points.
  • Have all grades posted to UF transcript two weeks prior to starting internship.
  • Submitted all internship materials by the deadlines set by the departments and have been approved by the department for internship.

Upon submission of the required application for internship (as determined by the department), an academic adviser will determine whether or not the student is academically eligible to complete the internship during the desired semester. For in-depth information regarding internships, please contact the department internship coordinator.

Students can only register and attempt to successfully complete practicum (if required by major) and internship two times.  If unable to successfully complete after two attempts the student may be dismissed from the program.