HHP Academic Advising Forms for Students

The following academic-related forms are downloadable for your convenience. Please make sure to read all instructions regarding how to complete and submit each form. Note: The forms are formatted in PDF. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you can download it from the Adobe Acrobat website.

    • Application to Add or Cancel a Minor
      The minor affords a traditional, well-accepted way to recognize that a student has completed a significant body of work outside the major. Requirements for individual minors are available from the departments
    • Change of Major
      This online form should be used by current UF students to initiate a major change within the College, and respective Department.  Upon submission of the online form, students will be contacted by an academic advisor with additional information or appointment request.
    • Combined Degree Program Request
      Combined Bachelors and Masters Degree
      Note: Students must meet with their academic advisor before completing this form
    • General College Petition
      This form should be used by students who are petitioning College policies.  You can petition to drop current term courses, dual enroll, course, break residency, reduce summer requirement hours, etc. Be sure to read the guidelines on the second page while completing the petition.  Once completed, please submit the form to your academic advisor for processing.
    • Letter of Intent – Transfer Admission
      This online form should be used by transfer student applicants to declare a student’s major of interest within the College, and respective Department.
    • Transient Request forms
      Students wishing to enroll in transient coursework MUST follow the below steps:

      1. Complete the HHP Transient Request and submit the form directly to your academic advisor for review.  Please allow 5 business days for your form to be processed.
        a. Students taking courses out-of-state or at a private institution must fill out the UF Transient Student Form, in addition to the HHP Transient Request form.
        b. For more information about Transient Registration:
        i.HHP Transient policy
        ii. UF Residency Requirement
      2. If the Transient Request form is approved, students must complete a Transient Request online at floridashines.org.  When logging in for the first time, please note your student identification number will be your gatorlink username, not your UF ID number.
        a. Before you complete this form, please contact the school to find out if you need to submit an application and/or additional materials first.
        b. Note: If denied, students may not register for the requested course(s) at a transient institution. Students are not permitted to complete transient coursework without college approval.
      3. After completion of the approved transient course(s), the student must submit a transcript to UF.
  • University Dual Degree Application
    Dual undergraduate degrees in two different college
  • University Double Major Application
    Double majors within the same college.

University Petition Information
The university petitions process is available for students to request a waiver of a university regulation or deadline. A university petition is used to request:

    • Retroactive Course Adds
    • Retroactive Course Drops (Nonmedical)
    • Retroactive Withdrawal (Nonmedical) from All Courses in a Term
    • Refund of Fees

Petition to withdraw retroactively from a previous semester for medical reasons
The Dean of Students Office processes all requests for medical withdrawals (current-term, as well as retroactive medical withdrawals).  If a student (or, a student’s immediate family member) experiences a severe medical issue (physical or mental), that precluded him/her from satisfactorily completing semester coursework they may qualify to receive a medical withdrawal. There are two types of medical withdrawals: (1) Current Semester Medical Withdrawal (for entire semester only), and, (2) Retroactive Semester Medical Withdrawal (for entire semester after scheduled deadlines for each term). The student will be required to provide appropriate documentation in order for a medical withdrawal to occur.  The information below will assist students with the medical withdrawal process.