Computing Services FAQ

Telephone System

  • How do I dial 911?
    Pick up the receiver and dial 911. Do not press the Outgoing button. Please alert the Dean’s Office as soon as possible if 911 is dialed.
  • How do I dial a long distance number?
    You must first obtain a long distance account code from your department. Please contact your office manager.
  • How do I check my voicemail from home?
    Dial the college phone number, when you hear the greeting, dial * then enter your extension number and follow the instructions.

Click here for Cisco IP Phone manuals

Email System

  • How do I check my email from home?
    Open your web browser and navigate to When the page loads, enter your GatorLink username and password in the provided fields. By default the “Premium” Client load option is selected along with the “Public or shared computer” security setting. Please click on the “what’s this?” link from the webmail page for further information on these options.
  • What’s the difference between my and address? addresses are provided by Gatorlink. addresses are provided by HHP. For simplicity, some people prefer to have mail delivered to only one location, so they set their Gatorlink e-mail to automatically forward to their HHP mailbox. This may be accomplished through myufl. From the myUFL Menu in the top left, select “My Account,” and then select “set GatorLink Email Forwarding.”
  • How do I recall a message I didn’t intend to send?
    This feature only works if the recipient is also in our Exchange Organization, if the email is still unread, and if the recipient permits the recall. To attempt this, open your sent items in Outlook. Find the message and double click to open it. From within the message window, click Actions on the menu bar, then recall this message.

General Computing/Web

  • Is my anti-virus software up to date?
    Please contact Computing Services if you have any questions or concerns about the performance level of your anti-virus software. For home users and laptop users, you can stay current by downloading the latest version from Net Services (VirusScan Enterprise v8.5i). You will be asked to provide your GatorLink username and password to download the zip file.
  • How do I change my network password?
    All password changes MUST be accomplished through myufl. You cannot change your GatorLink password using the Windows “Change Password” utility. Please contact Computing Services if you have any questions about this.
  • How do I password protect a page on the HHP website?
    Please contact Computing Services if you need to do this. We are in the process of a moving from one type of web server to another: the procedure depends upon where your pages are in regards to the transition.
  • What instant messaging applications are supported by the College?
    All College computers come with Microsoft’s Messenger program, and this is the preferred application to be used for instant messaging. If you would like to obtain the latest version, please contact Computing Services. For help with setting up a Live Messenger account, please see our Instant Messaging Help Page. If you would prefer to use Yahoo! Messenger instead, there is a web version of the program that you may use.