Computing Policies

Server Storage Limits:
Due to the extensive number of users we have at the College as well as the limited amount of server storage space available, we are unable to provide everyone with unlimited storage for  their e-mail and home directories. If you find you require more space you may  send an email to with a small explanation. The policies currently in place are as follows:

Home Directory:
User’s home  directories are limited to 500 MB through the use of disk quotas.

Email Mailbox Size:
Mailbox sizes are  also limited to 500 MB. You can decrease the size of your mailbox  through the use of the Auto-Archiving feature in Outlook or by simply deleting old emails.


  • Standard GatorLink passwords expire every 90 days, 180 days, or 365 depending on your assigned password policy. This policy is not determined by the HHP’s Computing Services, but rather it is based on the roles that are assigned to your GatorLink account (for more information, please see Gator Link Password Management Policy, or please contact us if you have any further questions on this).
  • All password changes must be done through MyUFL; you cannot change your password by selecting the Windows “Change Password” option when pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL.
  • If an incorrect password is submitted 20 times, the user account becomes locked out for a duration of 30 minutes.
  • If you are signed on to a UF workstation, please log off entirely immediately after changing your password and then use your newly created password to log on again.

User Accounts:
GatorLink accounts can be created by the user once they have been entered in to the UF directory with the proper affiliations. Accounts can also be created by Computing Services as a secondary option (to do this, please log on to the Workorder System and submit a new account request).

  • Existing accounts can have permissions assigned to them based on the required access for HHP resources.
  • Requests for mailboxes ( e-mail) must be expressed.
  • The default e-mail address will be in the form of
  • We recommend that Staff and Faculty utilize the mail forwarding option provided by GatorLink e-mail services to establish a primary address of for your primary HHP mailbox.
  • Guest accounts can also be created. Please contact Computing Services for additional information.
  • NOTE: Upon terminating employment with HHP, users may keep their email address for 90 days by way of mail forwarding. Please contact Computing Services before departing to coordinate the mail forwarding process. This policy only applies to the full-time faculty and staff.

Web site support:

  • Computing Services is the webmaster for HHP in conjunction with HHP’s Communications Office.
  • Computing Services may assist departments with web sites as needed.
  • Web application development is expressly reserved for Computing Services. Departments may not author cgi-apps for execution on HHP webserver(s).

Application design and development:
Application development projects are evaluated on a per project basis. Some projects may require supplemental funding from the department. For a consultation to asses if your project falls within our scope and means, please contact Computing Services.

Security and Performance:
Computing Services reserves the right remove or disable the following:

  • Any compromised user account.
  • Any account being used to violate the UF or HHP Acceptable Use Policy. UF’s Acceptable Use Policy can be found by clicking here.
  • Any network device attached to the HHP network that is impairing the correct and proper functioning of the HHP network.
  • Any network device that has been attached to the HHP network without the express consent of Computing Services.

Copyright Policies:
The College of Health  and Human Performance is dedicated to fair and proper use of copyright  materials. This covers traditional and online publications, video recordings and computer software. We recommend that all faculty and staff be familiar with  these guidelines. The links below provide in-depth coverage of copyright and acceptable use laws: