About Us

The UF College of Health and Human Performance is unlike most academic colleges. Research and teaching in HHP has an impact on almost every aspect of the human condition.

HHP’s three departments and three research centers place the college in a position to influence and improve an array of societal problems and challenges.

College of HHP academic departments:

College of HHP research centers:

Our scientists are performing groundbreaking research in the mysteries of addictive behavior and substance abuse. They are investigating America’s obesity epidemic from all perspectives, and inquiring how to prevent adolescents from abusing substances. Researchers are studying beneficial therapy techniques for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular disorders.

HHP is proud that its students graduate with the tools, knowledge and confidence to fulfill their dreams – and become remarkable assets to their communities. Our alumni choose careers as therapists, clinicians, scientists, recreation and event managers, tourism professionals and physicians. Each helps to contribute to a healthier world for tomorrow.

HHP Strategic Purpose:

To collaborate as an academic community to enrich lives, influence healthy living, and enhance human performance.

Our vision is to be a college that…

  • Student experience: Provides a unique and applied student-centered experience that consistently produces graduates who impact their field.
  • Expertise and excellence: Establishes itself as a college of expertise, excellence, and faculty distinction.
  • Collaboration: Creates a team-driven culture that builds on individual excellence to foster collaboration
  • Impact: Makes a unique impact on local to global communities through teaching, research, and service that promotes healthy living and quality of life.
  • Innovation and driving change: Drives change through innovative teaching, research, and service.

Contact Information:

College of Health and Human Performance
200 Florida Gym, Stadium Road
P.O. Box 118200
Gainesville, FL 32611-8200

Phone: (352) 392-0578
Fax: (352) 392-3186

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1946
  • Enrollment: 1,565 (undergraduate); 288 (graduate)
  • Faculty: 58
  • Departments: 3
  • Research Centers: 3
  • Annual Grants and Contract Awards: $5 million
  • Dean: Michael Reid, Ph.D.

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