SPM Undergrad Practicum

The practicum opportunity is designed to provide practical experience for students in the Department of Sport Management. Students will maintain a part-time workload in a setting appropriate to their specialization such as athletic programs, sports commissions and sports agencies where significant learning possibilities exist. Through a practical experience such as this, the efficient application of knowledge, ideas, and skills in a realistic work setting can begin to occur.

The major objectives for the practicum experience are to enable the student to:

  • Begin applying the knowledge and skills attained in the campus setting to specific practical issues in the workplace, and
  • Contribute significantly to the activities, events and projects of the site.

Below are examples of some of the activities, events and projects appropriate to Sport Management. Each site should include the responsibility of needs assessment, planning, implementing and evaluating activities, events and projects throughout the semester under the supervision of the site.

  • Special event development, organization and presentation
  • Promotional development and distribution
  • Sport media development, distribution and historical retention
  • Bid proposals and presentations
  • Administration of daily operations
  • Facility tours
  • Recruiting
  • Membership

Practicum Proposal Deadlines
Completed proposals must be submitted by the deadline for consideration

  • Spring 2021: December 11, 2020
  • Summer A/C 2021: April 21, 2021
  • Summer B 2021: June 18, 2021
  • Fall 2021: August 6, 2021

Practicum Forms:

Please direct all practicum forms and questions to:

Doug DeMichele, Ed.D

Contact Info

FLG 330 C
P.O. Box 118208
Gainesville, FL 32611-8208
(352) 294-1660 | dougd@hhp.ufl.edu