Distance Education

The UF Office of Distance Education Research and Practice at the College of HHP is dedicated to providing a flexible, high-quality, student-centered educational experience to time- and location-bound students.

Our Commitment To Quality Education

UF is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Our online courses and programs mirror our on-campus programs. HHP faculty have designed and delivered the content for each of the course offerings. Finally, each course is evaluated and refined each semester based on feedback received.

Academic Programs

Academic Programs

If you are interested in working in the health, exercise, recreation or sport industry, we have an educational path for you. HHP has two online bachelor's programs, and one master's program that allows students to complete the degree requirements from anywhere in the world.

Our degree programs currently include:

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

We have a number of continuing and professional education programs designed to facilitate new work-related skills and enhance existing ones. Our continuing and professional education programs include:

Furthermore, we offer a number of online courses that allow non-UF students to earn UF academic credit while being enrolled at other institutions. As you can see, our portfolio is robust and growing.

Student Services

Like all UF applicants, distance students will apply for admission through the University of Florida Office of Admissions.

Financial Aid Advising
UF distance learning students are offered the same financial aid services as campus students through the main UF Student Financial Affairs office. In HHP, scholarships and fellowships are available to distance students. Information for undergraduate and graduate scholarships can be found by clicking here. The applications are online and submissions are typically due in spring.

Academic Advising
Advising is provided to all students admitted to HHP. Advising contact information can be found here.  

Counseling/Student Concerns
Counseling services for distance learning students is limited. The UF Counseling & Wellness Center provides an extensive list of self-help resources (click here). Any student concerns of an academic or non-academic issue may be directed to the faculty instructor, Academic Advising or the Office for Student and Academic Affairs at (352) 273-6436.

All HHP undergraduate, degree-seeking, students are required to complete a full-time internship to graduate. We believe this is one of the strengths of our online programs and greatly improves the marketability and employment prospects of our students upon graduation. Students may find and get approved their own internship sites or choose from a database provided by the College. An annual HHP Internship Fair is also held in early spring to allow students to meet with prospective internship sites. For more information on the HHP internships, click here.

Career Advising/Job Placement
Distance students can e-mail or telephone faculty mentors and advisers for career advising and job placement assistance in their specialty. Career resources are also available online through the Career Resource Center.

Student Organizations
Local distance learning students can participate in the wide variety of student organizations available through UF and HHP. Click HERE for a list of HHP student organizations. The Center for Student Activities and Involvement has more information about UF student organizations.

Technology Assistance
Assistance with technology is provided to distance students by contacting the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-4357 or by e-mail. Contact UF Academic Technology for assistance with Sakai: (352) 392-4357

HHP College Policies
Please read and understand official HHP policies click here.

Online Student Evaluations
All HHP distance students are invited to participate in the UF course and instructor evaluation process to express anonymous concerns. Students are emailed a link to the online course evaluation page when the time window opens for evaluations.

Course Testing
High-stakes HHP distance-learning examinations will be proctored by a HHP-approved proctoring service. Exams can be proctored online through ProctorU; the UF-approved online exam proctoring company. For more information on exam proctoring, please consult your course syllabus.

Grade Appeals
Any student in the College who feels his or her performance in a course has not been evaluated accurately should first discusses any concerns with the instructor. If the disagreement is not resolved at that level, the student should consult the department chair, and if still unresolved, contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. For more information on the HHP grade appeal process, click here.

Student Concerns
Any student concerns of an academic or non-academic issue may be directed to the faculty instructor, Academic Adviser or the Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs. College of Health and Human Performance: (352) 392-0578