Athletic Training Admissions Requirements

Due to the competitive nature and restricted capacity, the Athletic Training Program is designated a Limited Access Program. Acceptance into the AT Program requires a secondary application (Portfolio) process beyond what is required for admission into the University of Florida. Please review the most recent version of the UF Undergraduate Catalog and speak to your academic advisor.

Note: University, Department and AT Program admission requirements must be received on or before February 1 for consideration.

Application Process

Step 1: Admission to UF, Major in Athletic Training

To be considered for transfer admission, the AT Program requires a 3.0 minimum overall GPA, as well as a 3.0 minimum GPA in common course prerequisites. Students are also required to earn a B (3.0/4.0) or better in BSC#085/#085L (Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab) and BSC#086/#086L (Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab).

Students must complete at least 60 credit hours, including General Education and Words (Gordon Rule) requirements. Preference is given to students with an earned Associate of Arts degree from a Florida college.

Common Course Prerequisites
PSY#012 — General Psychology
HUN#201 — Principles of Human Nutrition
STA2023 — Introduction to Statistics
BSC#085 & BSC#085L — Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab (or equivalent, such as BSC2093C)
BSC#086 & BSC#086L — Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab (or equivalent, such as BSC2094C)
BSC#010 & BSC#010L — General Biology I with lab
PHY2053 & PHY2053L — General Physics I with lab

Note: For prerequisite course numbers, # can be the number 1 or 2 (e.g. PSY1012 or 2012).

Step 2: Formal application to the AT Program (due February 1) and completion of the Portfolio Process.