The College Council serves as a forum for the mutual exchange of ideas between college administrators and faculty and staff. The College Council shall be the policy-making entity in the college. In addition, the dean and administrative committee shall regularly consult the College Council on matters of concern to the college. The College Council shall approve all operating codes contingent to and required by this constitution. The College Council will develop and make policy recommendations on all matters of concern, including but not limited to:

  • The educational, research and service missions of the college
  • Shared governance
  • Faculty awards
  • Faculty welfare, the working environment and matters of quality of life
  • Facilities and resource allocation
  • The college strategic plan

The College Council is composed of a dean, associate/assistant deans, department chairs, and one representative elected from each of the following: 1) the Faculty Advisory Council, 2) the Staff Advisory Council, 3) the Research Committee, and 4) the College Graduate Faculty.

Operating Code:

HHP College Council Operating Code

Members (2019–2020)

  • Michael Reid - CHAIR
  • James Cauraugh
  • Dan Connaughton
  • David Vaillancourt
  • Christopher Janelle
  • Steve Dodd
  • Mildred Maldonado-Molina
  • Michael Sagas
  • Heather Gibson (FAC Rep)
  • Tom Clanton (GFC Chair)
  • Megan McVay (Research Comm Chair)


Meetings are held at least once a semester during the academic year. Any member can call a meeting when necessary during the academic year or summer to discuss items of concern or interest to the Council.