Ricarda Pritschmann

Ricarda Pritschmann


  • B.S., Cognitive Science
  • M.S. Health Education and Behavior, CHES®

Research interests:

  • Behavioral economic approaches to physical activity promotion and reduction of sedentary behavior
  • Behavioral economic approaches to cannabis and alcohol use


  • Pritschmann, R.K., Yurasek, A.M., Yi, R. (in press). A Review of Cross-Commodity Delay Discounting Research with Relevance to Addiction. Behavioral Processes. (Impact Factor = 1.55)
  • Berey, B., Frohe, T., Pritschmann, R.K., Yurasek, A.M. (2020). A Test of the Acquired Preparedness Model among Young Adult Cannabis Users. Journal of American College Health. (Impact Factor = 2.693)
  • Yurasek, A. M., Miller, M. B., Pritschmann, R.K., Curtis, A.F, McCrae, C. (2020). Negative mood as a mediator of the association between insomnia severity and marijuana problems in young adults. Journal of Sleep Research. (Impact Factor = 3.43).
  • May, C.N., Jake-Schoffman D.E., Evans, E., Silfee V.J., Zhang F.F., Blok A.C., Carey J.L., Ding, E., Pritschmann, R.K. (2019). Interest in and Barriers to Participation in a Facebook-delivered Weight Loss Program among Female Cancer Survivors with Overweight or Obesity. mHealth, 5.
  • Bekhtereva, V., Pritschmann, R.K., Keil, A., & Müller, M. M. (2018). The neural signature of extracting emotional content from rapid visual streams at multiple presentation rates: A cross‐laboratory study. Psychophysiology, 55(12), e13222. (Impact Factor = 2.66)

Related experience:

  • Facilitator of Tobacco Free Florida group classes, research coordinator and undergraduate student mentor for the UF BEACH lab

Awards and honors:

  • 2020 Certificate of Outstanding Achievement Award, UF International Center, HHP Scholarship 2019 & 2020, University of Florida
  • Center for Addition Research and Education (CARE) Travel Award 2018 & 2019
  • Runner-Up Best Poster Award, D.K. Stanley Lecture Research Symposium 2018, University of Florida

Favorite thing about HEB and/or UF:

  • The encouraging, kind, and positively challenging environment, and abundance of networking opportunities at HEB and UF!