Elena Kalina

Elena Kalina


  • AA Rio Salado Community College, 2017
  • BS Barrett, Arizona State University, 2019

Research Interests:

  • Prevention of impaired control over alcohol
  • Exploring alcohol administration paradigms
  • Addictive Behaviors


  • Johnson‐Glenberg, M. C., Bartolomea, H., & Kalina, E. Platform is not destiny: Embodied learning effects comparing 2D desktop to 3D virtual reality STEM experiences. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning.
  • Puga, S., Broussard, M., Boyd-Fenkel, K., Benjamin, A., Noudali, S., Kalina, E., Patock-Peckham J.A. (2020). “Does Relationship-Contingent Self-Esteem play a direct role and indirect role in the Stress Pathway to Impaired-Control, Heavy Episodic Drinking, and Alcohol-Related-Problems?” 43rd Annual Research Society on Alcohol Scientific Meeting (Virtual Conference due to Covid-19).
  • N. Salti; J.A. Patock-Peckham; E. Kalina; N. Koehler; M. Adamo; J. Bitsoih; S. Berberian; E. Bobel; D. Belton; F. Infurna; J. Tein; K. F. Sanabria; T. Gupta; D’Ardenne; S. McClure. (2021, Accepted). “Is Emotional Abuse a Contributing Indirect Link to Impaired Control, Alcohol Use, & Related Problems Through the Mediating Mechanism of Neuroticism?” 44rd Annual Research Society on Alcohol Scientific Meeting.
  • J.A. Patock-Peckham; H. Smyth; J.R. Canning; A. Ruof; D. Belton; E. Kalina; S. Berberian; F. Sanabria; F. Infurna; K. D’Ardenne; S. McClure; W.R. Corbin. (2021, Accepted). “Does Acute Stress Interact with an Emotional Abuse Childhood History and a Lifetime Allostatic Load on AD Libitum Alcohol Use?” 44rd Annual Research Society on Alcohol Scientific Meeting.

Favorite Things About HEB:

  • I love the access to interdisciplinary research and the encouragement to reach for the stars!