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Funded Work Experiences & Tuition

Athletic Training Resident Position Information

We offer a variety of Athletic Training Resident positions. These positions include work experiences at secondary schools, Santa Fe College, the University Athletic Association (UAA) Sports Health Department*, the Department of Recreational Sports and the School of Theatre and Dance. Each Athletic Training Resident works under the supervision of a University of Florida Physician. All positions receive financial support (90% tuition and out of state waiver) and stipend. See details below.

To receive priority funding consideration, all application steps must be completed by November 15. Review of applications will continue until positions are filled.

High School | Head Athletic Trainer
Athletic Training Residents hired through UFHealth Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine serve 14 area high schools in four surrounding counties. Athletic Training Residents function as the head athletic trainer providing onsite medical care for athletic events and practices and managing all aspects of healthcare.

Santa Fe College | Head Athletic Trainer
One Athletic Training Resident provides sports healthcare services for the college’s athletic program. The Athletic Training Resident works with college level athletic teams including basketball, softball, volleyball and baseball providing emergency and preventative care.

School of Theatre and Dance (SoTD) | Head Athletic Trainer
One Athletic Training Resident provides healthcare for dance and musical theatre majors within the Dance Wellness Clinic.  Duties include weekly clinic hours, developing therapeutic intervention programs, performing screening, providing onsite medical care for performances, and leading seminars to enhance the wellness program within SoTD.

Recreational Sports | Athletic Trainer
The Department of Recreational Sports employs four Athletic Training Residents to manage their athletic training services, which includes providing on-site medical care for Sport Club competitions and tournaments (e.g. rugby, lacrosse, ice hockey and wrestling), Intramural Sports, Special Events, and managing the Athletic Training Clinic for Sport Club athletes. In clinic, Athletic Trainers hold appointments for initial injury evaluations and treatments. For more information on the Department of Recreational Sports, please visit

Position Financial Information

Athletic Training Residents are on contract for 44-weeks (generally from August 1 – May 31) to provide an average of 20 hours per week (880 hours total) of Athletic Training Services to the employer/contract affiliate site.

Each Athletic Training Resident position includes a stipend of $16,720 paid at an hourly rate of $19 per hour for 20 hours per week over the duration of the contract.

Two Year Compensation Package
(90% Tuition and Stipend)
Out of State $67,000+
In State $55,000+

Students are responsible for ~$1,350 in tuition annually as well as student fees (~$80.96/credit). (Tuition and fees vary based on UF policy. See details.)

Because of immigration and visa requirements, International students are not eligible for Athletic Training Resident or Athletic Association Sports Health funded positions. Advanced clinical practice hours required within the Doctor of Athletic Training program in combination with an Athletic Training Resident position exceeds allowable hour limits for part-time Curricular Practical Training (CPT). For additional information about employment and CPT, please visit the University of Florida International Center.

University Athletic Association (UAA) Sports Health | Athletic Trainer

Athletic Trainers hired through the University Athletic Association serve as members of the Sports Health staff and provide comprehensive healthcare for the varsity student-athletes at the University of Florida. Clinical opportunities vary, but may include Softball, Baseball, Volleyball/Spirit Squad, Tennis, Track and Research positions (e.g., Sports Concussion Center).

*Note: Employment through the University Athletic Association offers a compensation package which differs from the Athletic Training Resident compensation described above. Employees within the University Athletic Association Sports Health staff receive 100% tuition reimbursement, full time minimum wage, overtime (if applicable) and other benefits; degree completion may use an alternate or extended course sequence.

Eraste Autin UAA Scholarship

Doctor of Athletic Training students who apply for the Autin Scholarship must have an exemplary academic track record with AT, perform with distinction at clinical sites, and demonstrate involvement in community and extracurricular activities. Applicant must conduct oneself in a manner which brings credit to themselves, athletics, and objectives of higher education and have the intent on pursuing a career in athletic training.

Tuition and Fees

The university has developed an overview of the academic costs associated with degree programs – visit the Office for Student Financial Affairs for details. Tuition and fees for the Doctor of Athletic Training (DAT) program mirror “Graduate” rates; the DAT program does not charge differential tuition rates. Within the DAT program, students may incur costs for clothing, transportation, professional liability insurance or other requirements associated with clinical experiences, above those already paid to the University through tuition, fees and course fees.

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