B.S. in Tourism, Event & Recreation Management

The Tourism, Event & Recreation Management program teaches students to develop, manage and deliver leisure services to various populations in diverse settings; to become decision makers in private and public organizations; and helps build a foundation for graduate studies. The program focuses on the role and impact of leisure services including tourism, events and recreation on individuals, society and the environment and includes courses in event promotion, convention sales and service, hospitality marketing, and lodging operations and management.

To earn a Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Event and Recreation Management, you must successfully complete 120 hours of prescribed coursework. Professional core courses, related option courses and specialization electives are taken during your last two years of work. A posting of the full list of tourism, event and recreation management courses and brief description are listed in the undergraduate catalog for the University of Florida.

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Students will select one of the following specializations:

Event Management: Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to administer and manage commercial and entrepreneurial leisure service businesses. This program includes courses in conference and special event planning, commercial recreation, and community recreation.

      >> Career Opportunities:

  • Conference and convention centers
  • Visitors’ bureaus
  • Corporate and private event and meeting planners
  • Music, fashion and entertainment industry special event planning

Tourism & Hospitality Management: Prepare for employment opportunities in the tourism industry and with agencies responsible for travel and tourism development, resort recreation management, and hospitality management.

      >> Career Opportunities:

  • Tourism development companies & Chambers of Commerce
  • Theme parks and attractions, resorts & hotels
  • Cultural facilities

Professional Core Courses:

LEI 2181 - Leisure in Contemporary Society (3 credits)

HFT 2750 - Event Management (3 credits)

LEI 3301 - Principles of Travel and Tourism (3 credits)

LEI 3360- Hospitality Management (3 credits)

LEI 3843 - Entrepeneurship in Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management (3 credits)

LEI 3921 - Field Experience in Leisure Services (3 credits)

LEI 4540 - Management & Supervision of Leisure Facilities and Personnel (3 credits)

LEI 4800 - Legal Aspects of Tourism, Events and Recreation (3 credits)

LEI 4880 - Research Methods in Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management (3 credits)

LEI 4940 - Internship in Leisure Services (12 credits)

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